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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Retail Therapy: Swap Meet!

Before my little lady came along I used to work on weekends, so was never able to go to any of the fun activities and events in the area. My sister- in- laws had told me about the swap meet held at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, so I was kind of excited that I finally got the chance to go.

I was told to go early, since the best things go quick (don't they always???) and to bring cash. I got there for 9am- the time it opened- to find a big line up of other eager deal seekers; by the time I got in, people were already leaving with armloads of goodies!

The line to get in at opening

As a first timer, I wasn't sure what to expect, and came armed with my massive diaper bag(lol, it might as well be luggage!) and stroller. While this wasn't the worst thing to do, I quickly found the more seasoned swap- goers came armed with slings & carriers, since it gets so crowded and therefore not too easy to manoeuvre a stroller.

The swap meet 10 min after opening 

I was in search of a Bumbo, but ended up with lots of other goodies instead. There were lots of tables loaded with clothes- most for $1- $2 per item!- toys, gear, and all manner of baby and kid items. I saw more practical things, such as baby gates & bedding, and the more impulsive: hair accessories & itty bitty shoes. Some vendors were selling brand new items, and there were the standard Tupperware, Norwex, and RESP stalls. There were also several cloth diaper sellers and a photographer.

Phew! Lots to look at! Some of the other ladies from my Mom's group also went, with varying degrees of success. One of them has a little boy, and she made the observation there were not as many choices for boys; however, I'm sure the selection is different at each swap. We all agreed it was crowded though, so if you don't like being surrounded by other bargain hunters, this may not be your shtick. 

Including the $5 admission, I spent $40. I think I did pretty well for the money I spent: Lots of clothes (not that Ari needs them, but I couldn't resist!), bunny slippers, a Baby Gap backpack- for $1!, hangers, a shape- finder toy, headbands & barrettes, & a soother/ cup clip. And most of the sellers were willing to bargain. I'll admit I'm not a seasoned pro, but I'm hoping my haggling skills will improve with practice. :)

How cute is this?! $1 Baby Gap backpack



... and polka dots

The cute hair accessories by Princess Krislyn's Boutique
(I had a hard time deciding!!!)

The pacifier/ cup clip by Passing Fancies
(I couldn't resist the sparkles and bow!!!)

I can't wait until the next swap! I hope you get a chance to check it out. :)

For more info on the Kid Swap at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, click here