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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Amazing Mom Feature: Monica Romey, Realtor

I am so excited for the inaugural Amazing Mom Feature! As I have said before, I love hearing how Moms find a way to balance work & family, since so many have to go back to work. I want to encourage and support as many of these amazing ladies as I can, since we all know how much work it is!
Image Source: http://monicaromey.com/biography.html 

My first Amazing Mom is Monica Romey, a real estate agent in the Fraser Valley/Vancouver area. Fully licensed since 2007, she entered the industry in 2000 working part time as her father's office assistant. During that time she dappled in other areas including positions in restaurants & spas, until realizing these were not the roles for her. As someone who enjoys freedom & flexibility in her work, Monica realized that being her own boss would be ideal, especially since it would give her the ability to set her own goals and "think outside of the box". She has had sales anywhere from $30,000 to several million.

In terms of challenges, she states those common with entrepreneurs: the continual effort to evolve and grow her business; and pushing herself beyond her comfort zone to try new things. However, when you meet Monica, you see how comfortable she is with the constantly changing dynamic of her job, and she puts her clients at ease with this calming presence. 

In addition, what makes Monica so good at what she does is not only the advice & guidance that she provides  through the process of buying or selling real estate (including all of the negotiating & paperwork), she genuinely enjoys working with clients & making a positive difference in their lives. She appreciates that she is involved in such a major life event, and finds that the greatest reward is when clients recommend her to their family & friends.

When asked what advice she would offer, Monica has some classic encouragement: do something you love and surround yourself with successful people who will encourage and support you in achieving your goals.

To contact Monica, you can reach her at 604 783 7653; via email: monica@monicaromey.com, or visit her website: monicaromey.com