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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy Date: Mary Kay Mommy on the Go Makeover!

Earlier this week I got together with a few of my Mommy friends and their little ones for some pampering provided by Angela Dean from Mary Kay. I haven't hosted a home party in a long time but having known Angela for a few years- and as a fellow Mom- knew she would do a wonderful job helping us focus on ourselves. With a few quick questions about our skin & beauty regimes she was able to tailor to our individual needs.

The goal was to create a beauty routine that was quick & easy that included a skincare and everyday makeup that us Moms could achieve in just a few minutes. We started by washing & priming our faces with Mary Kay's Timewise 3- 1 Cleanser & Age Fighting Moisturizer.

Next, we applied concealer to help even our skin tones and Mineral Bronzing Powder to highlight bone structure. For rounder faces, take your brush and sweep in the shape of a '3', with the first sweep going around your eye and landing just under the apple of your cheek- where the blush will go- and then another sweep to your jawline; for narrower/ longer faces, only do the first sweep in the shape of a 'c'.

We then selected a shade of their Cream Eye Color & put on a coat of MK's Lash Love Waterproof Mascara (we had our Aquafit class after the makeover!). The final touch was a few spritzes of Makeup Finishing Spray to lock in our makeup for the day. And voila! We were ready to go and armed with some new tools & tricks to help us focus on ourselves, if only for a few minutes each day. An important and mush appreciated chance for some 'me' time!

Angela showing off some of the MK goodies- lipgloss & lipstick

The finishing touch- lock in that makeup baby! 

Mom Zoey with baby Keira ready for the pool after our makeover!

Mom Celine with baby Oliver- he was as excited as we were :)

Mom Kate with baby Shepherd, who had helped her by holding the makeup mirror for her, but was happy to supervise too :)

For more info about the products we used, you can contact Angela via email: beautybymarykay@gmail.com or by phone at 778 866 7379. 
To purchase Mary Kay products through Angela, visit www.marykay.ca/adean.

And check back tomorrow for a feature on this Amazing Mom! (we have an MK goodie giveaway!)