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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Shower Ideas!

I am so lucky that the same year I had my lil bundle, many of my friends are also adding a generation to their family. One of my best friends recently found out she was having a little girl and I am so excited to help plan the baby shower!

I'm lucky because I got delegated a lot of the fun items on the to do list: theme, decorations, games, & favours! I love this stuff! When I planned my wedding I really enjoyed creating an overall look and bringing all of the elements together to form a style for my special day. Baby showers can involve many of the same elements and I can't wait to do it all over again!

For starters, I want to figure out the theme. Since this will determine the decorations, favours, etc, and will determine the overall look of the shower, this is a perfect jumping off point. I want to have one that's fun and personal, reflect my friend's personality, and have it tie in with the all the baby- ness! Since she's having a girl, I'm thinking sugar & spice would be a fun theme! (With lots of pink!)

For the sugar I'm thinking candy & cupcakes (!!!). I've seen the Hershey's idea below and thought that was a simple & cute idea- maybe as part of the favour? And I'm sorry, but women & chocolate is a winning combination, no matter how hard you may want to resist! Indulge a little! 

Image Source:

I'll let the rest of the elements make up the spice... ;)

For decorations, I would like to try and keep it simple & pretty. I also want to try and make them (time and baby permitting!). I LOVE these ideas...

Image Source: http://cosmeticmom.squidoo.com/Cherry-Blossom-Baby-Shower

Image Source: http://cosmeticmom.squidoo.com/Cherry-Blossom-Baby-Shower

Even though balloons and streamers are standard fair for any party, I think you can really dress 'em up with some beautiful pom pom tissue flowers. They're inexpensive & easy to make. Two criteria I love to meet with any project I undertake! 

Since my gal pal knows what she's having, I thought it would be fun to help kickstart that lil lady's wardrobe. I'm thinking a onesie decorating station...

Image Source: http://catchmyparty.com/photos/1122041 

...and a headband making station!!! 
Image Source: http://catchmyparty.com/photos/1122041 

Again, these ideas are fairly simple to plan & organize, but would be fun and something that Mom can take home with her. Because you can purchase plain white onesies just about anywhere, they're an easy item for a busy Mom like me to pick up on the run and I plan on getting several sizes (probably 3m+) so the lil lady can grow into her fashionable DIY attire! I'll probably hit up Michael's, Walmart, & the $ store for the crafty supplies. :)

As for games... I'm still thinking about how I want to organize them... I want to avoid the really typical cheesy/ corny ones, but still have some fun that's unique only to a baby shower. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

As for favours... To tag along with the sugar & spice theme, I think cupcakes would be cute & simple. Maybe with a little stiletto embellishment (for the spice!) since my friend is infamous for her towering heels!

So that's where I am so far. I'd love suggestions for games & activities!