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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Milestone Moment: DIY Baby Grad Caps

Sooner or later we all have to face the truth: our lil bumpkins are growing up! And while they might not be graduating from high school or college tomorrow, there's plenty of other 'graduations' before them. Whether it's with a Mommy group like mine, daycare, preschool, etc, it's fun to celebrate the stages our little ones go through and remember these sweet moments for them.

One of my amazing & talented friends Celine was kind enough to not only make these grad caps for all the Moms & babies graduating from our group, she took photos & created step- by- step instructions so I could show them here! Thank you Celine for always being so thoughtful & creative!

DIY: Baby Grad Caps


Poster Board Pieces:

Cut 1: 7"* 7" square for top of cap
Cut 2: 3"* 1.25" for headband bracket tabs
Cut 1: 19"* 2" for headband (make a notch cut 1.5" along one long edge)

Blue or pink yarn pieces:

Cut 1: 12" piece for tassel piece & knot
Cut 11: 4" pieces for tassel fringe & tie

Additional Supplies:

Stapler with 6 staples per hat


Please note different colour paper was used for the step by- step instructions because black doesn't show up well in photos. 

1: Divide cap top diagonally and mark with a pencil. Poke hole through center of cap top for tassel.

2. Overlap headband strip matching edge to notch. Staple twice with smooth side of staples on inside of band so that child will not be scratched. For a more custom fit, try and adjust to fit child.

3. Bend headband brackets in half.

4. Staple headband brackets to either end of headband, make sure smooth side of staples are on the inside of the band. 

5. Staple brackets to hat cap, lining up each bracket to opposite corners. This time make sure to staple with the smooth side on the top of the cap, so it doesn't look noticeable in photographs.

6. Take 10 pieces of tassel fringe yarn. Tie them together at the halfway mark with longer piece of string.

7. With the last piece of fringe yarn, tie together 1/2" down. When the tassel is made with all one colour, the yarn and knots blend together. 

8.  Insert tassel through hole in cap top and tie knot. Top: Use a toothpick to help push ends through. 

9. Your final project should look something like this:

I hope you like this cute little project idea! I also thought it would be cute to write the date, occasion, & kiddie's age inside with a metallic Sharpie as a keepsake. :) Maybe frame in a shadow box with a photo of the occasion? It's as important to remember these moments as it is to enjoy them. :)