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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mommy Date: Pumpkin Patch!

Last week a group of us Moms took the afternoon to go to the pumpkin patch- plus it gave us an excuse to put our kiddies in their Halloween costumes! There are a variety of farms within a half hour that have pumpkin patches and various activities for the family. We took a vote and decided on Krause Berry Farms (largely influenced by their on- site winery & infamous fresh waffles- need I say more???). 

We started off on the spacious patio sipping on hot chocolate & coffee and snacking on aforementioned waffles. You really have to go there to appreciate how amazing those waffles smelled- cue the Homer Simpson drooling face & you get the picture. 

Once we finished indulging we explored some of what this beautiful venue has to offer...

Their shop is AMAZING. Full of all kinds of goodies ranging from baked goods, jams, salsas, fresh produce, candy, ice cream, and housewares, to name a few. When you walk in it's hard to focus on one thing because there's so much to look at! 

The pumpkin patch sits on the southern part of the property, next to the barley maze (yes, barley!). It's the perfect location for a  photo op and of course us Moms had to try and coordinate a group photo with the lil monkeys! As you can probably guess it's hard to prop 10+ babies in Halloween costumes up against pumpkins and each other without a disorganized domino effect of slipping, tipping, and all the chaos that follows! ;) We spent more time scrambling to organize the kiddies than we did taking the actual photos. Ah the things us Moms try to do for the sake of a photo. In the end we got a selection of photos, each with a different child crying, flopping, and/ or looking in a completely different direction. Anne Geddes we are not. 

This was truly a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. While we behaved and passed on the winery (will power!), this farm is a beautiful place to visit year round. If you have family visiting from out of town, I'd add this to the list of places to take them.

For more info on Krause Berry Farms, check out their website: http://www.krauseberryfarms.com/

Address: 6179 248 St, Langley, BC V4W 1C3

Phone: (604) 856-5757

Here's a list of other farms that offer family activities (it's also worth it to check out these farms for 
Christmas trees & activities, and field trip info): 

Aldor Acres
Address: 8301 252 St, Langley, BC
Phone: (604) 888- 2403
Address: 18507 20 Ave, Surrey, BC

Phone: (604) 542- 1202

Address: 12900 Steveston Highway, Richmond, BC

Phone: (604) 274- 0522