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Friday, December 6, 2013

Amazing Mom: Stephanie Mosher, Busy Bump Maternity Services

Whether you're expecting a bundle of joy or already have one (or two, or three...!), you know that life as you know it (or knew it) will never be the same. This can be a busy, crazy, stressful, overwhelming, exciting (do I need to keep going???) experience. For those of you going through it for the first time, it's hard to know what you need and have answers to all your questions & concerns; and for those of you who've already got a kiddie or two, you know that you never have all the answers, these kids definitely don't come with a manual, and you'll constantly be evolving as your offspring do.

Cue Stephanie Mosher of Busy Bump Maternity Services. She offers services to expecting & new parents to help them navigate the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, parenthood, & beyond! Need help figuring out what to expect when you bring baby home? Maybe you've got it all figured out, but hubby doesn't? Or maybe you just don't have the time to research & pack that infamous hospital bag? These are just a few examples of the services Stephanie offers. Drawing from her own experience, Stephanie developed her business to help other Moms & families tackle this amazing, crazy, busy moment in life. What better way to celebrate motherhood than to help other Moms & Moms- to- be??? Read more about this Amazing Mom below (and check out the contest we're offering to a deserving lady!)

One of Stephanie's events...

1.     What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?
We offer a variety of services for new and expecting parents to learn the basics of newborn essentials, help get them prepared and organized for baby's arrival, and to connect them with local resources for support throughout their pregnancy and beyond! This includes workshops for both expecting and new parents; we also host an annual Busy Bump Baby Shower for expectant moms. Among our services we have baby shower planning, nursery design, daddy bootcamps and our newest package: The Mommy Makeover! In addition, we also offer gift baskets, gift certificates, and a pre-packed hospital bag with all the essentials!

1.     What is the price point?
Our packages range in price from $95.00 to $350.00

1.     How long have you been operating and how did you start?

We have been in business since 2011. I started Busy Bump after my daughter was born to provide moms with services and support that I would have loved to receive during my pregnancy! I was so anxious and stressed out over every detail and making the right decisions. 

1.     How did you decide what to do?
I knew there was nothing like this in the Lower Mainland at the time. After asking friends and family if they thought it was a good idea and writing a business plan I launched it. Since then lots of things have been adjusted or changed as I went along- as you often learn in business- but the core of my business and the reason behind why I do it has always been the same. 

1.     What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?

My favourite part of what I do is supporting other moms or expectant moms! I love being able to offer them a sense of confidence in their decisions and help them to feel more organized and less stressed or anxious. The biggest challenge is that as this is a small business, I am still working full time to support my family and so sometimes my business, which is truly my passion, isn’t front and centre and my main focus. That doesn’t mean my clients aren’t… but I have to be realistic with myself about only taking on what I can handle.

1.     Any advice to other ladies/ moms looking to start their own business?

Have a plan and set goals for yourself. A new small business will take at least a year, if not two, until you can grow it enough to be truly successful. Pick something that you are passionate about and get a sense of pride in doing and that will help to carry you through the rough patches or times when you feel like giving up.

...And one of her beautiful gift baskets!

And now for the cherry on top: Stephanie has generously offered a Mommy Makeover to a deserving lady! This includes an image consultation, wardrobe revamp, & personal shopping experience to help the lucky lady find style for her post- baby body & life (Rule #1: make time for yourself!). Nominate yourself or someone you know who deserves a little pampering! To enter, leave a comment below this post or on our Facebook page with the following info:

- Name (so we know who the deserving Mom is!)
- Why she deserves to be nominated? (how is she AMAZING?)

Make sure you check out Busy Bump's website & Facebook page to show your support!

Images Courtesy of Stephanie Mosher