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Friday, March 7, 2014

Amazing Mom: Merilee Torgerson, My Design Crochet

By now I hope you know how important I think it is to support ladies- Moms- in business. Rather than spending your heard earned money on something mass produced from a big box store that lacks personality, why not buy from an individual or small business and get something unique and heartfelt (and help support a Mom while doing so)?

I've actually known today's Amazing Mom since high school and am so excited that we have re- connected and now have the opportunity to share the adventure of motherhood together. Like me, she's a creative heart trying to carve her niche in the world while balancing her family life and contributing financially. She really, truly embodies the kind of lady I want to support and I am so excited to introduce you to her and her beautiful work. Meet Merilee Torgerson of My Design Crochet...

  1. What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?
I make handmade crochet accessories for all ages, mostly babies and toddler products as I have a 10 month daughter!

  1. What is the price point?
I love to bargain when selling in craft fairs but my going rates start around $15 and can go as high as 
$50 for my larger, more detailed projects.

  1. How long have you been operating and how did you start?
I taught myself how to crochet while I was pregnant last year right around Christmas. I have always been artistic and knew that I would take a creative path, so when I decided to try a few YouTube videos on crochet I knew right away that I would enjoy not only the process but the finished product.

  1. How did you decide what to do?
While on maternity leave I found that crocheting was such a great way to pass time at home and to make a few extra dollars on the side. I also realized that my artistic style has helped me to invision what I want to make and develop patterns that I've created in my head.

     6.What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?
For sure it is finished product, and being able to make something  not only for myself but for my daughter too, I love being able to whip up a pair of booties  in a certain colour when I don't yet have a matching pair of shoes for her. My girl is always matching and colour coordinated! I find the biggest challenge is creating new patterns and ideas that aren’t already out there which also includeds online selling such as places like Etsy. There is a lot of competition and I am still new to the website and haven't yet figured out the loop holes and best ways to sell my products.

  1. Any advice to other ladies/ moms looking to start their own business?
My only advice is that you have to love what you are doing! I really enjoy being at home and sitting in my rocking chair crocheting away while watching the same movies I love over and over again! Especially if you want to go the craft fair route, you really have to have a lot of inventory which takes more time than just fulfilling orders as they come in.

If you want to check out more of Merilee's beautiful work you can find My Design Crochet on Facebook and Etsy.

One of the things I'm always hearing from other Moms is how much cute stuff there is for girls- headbands, hats, barrettes, shoes, etc- and how little is out there for boys. Merilee is on the ball with this one and has offered a lucky TPB reader one of her beautiful  handsome crochet cowboy hats- adorable for a boy or girl! Enter on our CONTESTS page.

Photos courtesy of Merilee Torgerson, My Design Crochet

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