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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Healthy Snacks- Brother's All Natural Giveaway

A while back when I attended the Modern Family Expo, I was introduced to Brother's All Natural. These delicious freeze- dried fruits have the same nutritional value as fresh fruit- with 2 servings of fruit per bag- are free from sugars & additives, are GMO- free, and allergy friendly (gluten & peanut free). There's a variety of options including apple, apple cinnamon banana, pineapple, & pear, to make sure your kiddies find one they like. They're a great on- the- go nutritious snack for busy families. 

To help give families some fresh snack options for the final stretch of the school year, Brother's All Natural is offering up a 24- pack of assorted fruit crisps to The Pampered Baby readers. Go to our Contests Page to see all the ways to enter. If you've been looking for something new to add to your kid's lunches & sports bags, these are a convenient way to ensure your kids are getting those valuable servings of fruit.

Big thanks to Brother's All Natural for this great prize! You can learn more about the company & see all of the flavours available on their website & Facebook page.

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