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Friday, May 16, 2014

Make Up & Skincare Advice for Busy Ladies

May is a month to celebrate Moms (did you see our Mother's Day Gift Guide with offers for TPB readers???). With busy lives- family, work, etc- some days it's an accomplishment just to get your makeup done. Looking fabulous doesn't have to be time consuming, and we all deserve a few minutes a day for ourselves. For busy ladies, a good skincare and makeup regime can help you look well rested, years younger, and help you feel good inside and out. I spoke with Melodie Reynolds from Pure Anada Makeup to get some skincare & makeup advice. And for those crazy mornings, Melodie has provided a  5 minute makeup routine to help get you out the door on time while making sure you look ready to face the day.

5 Minute Makeup Routine
I myself am a busy Mom, but the one thing I always make time for is my makeup ritual. Granted it usually means my little one unravels a whole roll of toilet paper while I am doing it, but I am okay with that. Here is an easy routine to help you put your best face forward, and make you feel fabulous too!

Start with your skin. If you have an uneven skin tone apply a light tinted moisturiser with your fingers, starting from the middle of your face, blending upward. 

Next apply pressed mineral powder with a fluffy brush to reduce shine and set your tinted moisturizer followed by blush, stroking downward from the temple. 

Now define those brows! Well groomed and defined brows are the best way to look polished and put together. Use a pencil  or powder with an angle brush. Be sure to define the lower line of the brow to create definition for your arch. 

And don’t forget mascara! It defines and opens the eyes. 

For the lips choose from a gloss, lipstick or lip balm. It all depends on what you like; gloss is good for shine, lipstick has better staying power, and balm is for moisture. Adding some colour to your lips is a great way to pull everything together and the colour you choose can also bring out the colour of your eyes! 

To go from day to night can be very simple. Simply adding a richer lipstick or gloss in the same colour family as your daytime shade, deepening your blush by adding a contour, and adding a darker shade of eyeshadow or liner can get you ready for the nightlife.

Before...& After

Foundation & Concealer Tips
Liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers can be applied with fingertips for light coverage, a sponge for medium coverage, or a brush for fuller coverage. Always apply starting in the middle of your face and fanning the product outwards. For loose or pressed mineral powder foundation, you can use a fluffy brush for light coverage or a flat top foundation brush for fuller opaque coverage.

Apply your foundation first, then apply concealer to any spots that the foundation does not cover- sometimes you may not need it! A setting spray is always a great idea- especially for all natural makeup- to increase the staying power. After applying your makeup mist all over, repeat throughout the day as needed. I love Nezza Naturals Setting Mist Spritz.

Skincare Advice for All Ages
As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity. Our oil glands start to slow production, and the skin cells can’t hold as much moisture as they once could. This means bagging, sagging, and wrinkles…oh my! To care for your skin always use a cleanser that does not strip away your natural oils and the right toner to allow better penetration and absorption of your treatments and creams. For day, use a hydrating lotion and a treatment oil for night. I also recommend eye cream or oil to help better preserve the delicate eye area. 

How to Protect Your Skin
In the summer, I always suggest to up your intake of water. Hydration for your skin starts from the inside out!  I absolutely LOVE Silk Roads Beau-Tea-ful skincare tea….it is a great way to stay hydrated and take care of your skin from the inside out! 

Zinc Oxide is the most natural product for sun protection, a good natural sunscreen product will contain only natural ingredients including this one. Some natural tinted moisturizers will contain a small amount as well. And a stylish hat is excellent sunscreen for your face.

Recommended products by Pure Anada:
Tinted Moisturizers
Pressed Mineral Powder
Mineral Blush in Matte Coral or Pressed Blush in Forever Summer
Brow Powder in Sand.
Gloss in Emma Rose 
Lipstick in Mordens Blush, 
*My favorite Lip Balm is Mantra Cosmetic's Mantra Balm in Simplicity. It has just a hint of colour, and amazing texture and moisture. If you sign up for the newsletter you can get your very own for free! 

About Melodie

With 15 years in beauty and personal care, Melodie brings a desire to share and educate to the industry she loves. Leading, coaching, teaching, and managing businesses, Melodie honed her interpersonal skills as well as her passion for artistic expression with hair, makeup, aromatherapy, and skincare on an international stage.  After winning North American Makeup Artist of the year in 2005, Melodie focused her efforts on her career as the Director of Hair and Skincare Education for a large international cosmetics company. Travelling to Germany and France to work closely with the chemists and other educators, sparked her interest and fed her desire to learn. It was here the spark was ignited learning about the chemistry of it all, and she began to ask herself “if I wouldn’t put it in my body, why am I putting it on my body?” After living abroad for a few years Melodie is back on Vancouver Island engaged in the eco-beauty revolution. When she is not teaching ‘make your own’ skincare workshops or painting a creative face for a photo shoot you are most likely to find her near the ocean, playing the ukulele and chasing after a mischievous  toddler. You can find her personal line of products, Mantra Cosmetics, online.  

A special thanks to Melodie for her contribution!

Images & logos courtesy of Melodie Reynolds

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