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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Music for Kids with Will Stroet

Music is such an important part of life; encouraging children to develop a love of music is an excellent way to help nurture them as they grow (for more on this, check out our feature with Music Together of The Fraser Valley). I had the pleasure of meeting Will Stroet at the Mommies N Munchkins Fair and discussing this with him. With a background in education, Will knows the importance of encouraging children to develop interests from a young age and nurture them. 

"There is nothing more fascinating to me than a child's imagination and creativity. I hope this album inspires kids to let their imagination take them anywhere they could ever want to go and beyond. "

Will's music reminds me of a fresh take on Fred Penner- friendly, fun and enjoyable to listen to. His is the kind of music that you won't mind having stuck in your head. He sings about a variety of things from trike biking (Trikers) & colouring (Colour It) to how mama loves dancing (Mama Samba). Will gave me a copy of his CD Just Imagine  to listen to and I'm enjoying having some music that both Ari and I can listen to together. Some of my favourites are Chuggada Choo, Stampede, & Dive in the Pool. An affordable choice at $14.99 CAD ($9.99 CAD for digital downloads), this CD has 12 original songs sure to be crowd pleasers. (I also find it really touching that he dedicated this album to his daughter, Ella; it's refreshing to find someone who genuinely loves what they do and to have it reflected in such a sentimental way.)

As an added bonus, Will is bilingual, so you can enjoy his music in French as well- a great way to introduce your little ones to another language (Just Imagine- among select other albums- is available in French).  You can find Will entertaining kids on Will's Jams on Kid's CBC & at various upcoming events, including the Surrey International Children's Festival from May 22- 24. 

If you've been looking for some fresh alternatives to The Wheels on the Bus Will's music is a great place to start building your children's love of music. 

To learn more about this wonderful children's entertainer and maybe purchase some of his music, visit his website. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, & on his Youtube channel

His latest CD, Just Imagine is available on his website.

Images: Will Stroet

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