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Friday, June 20, 2014

Walk in My Shoes with Minimoc

Stemming from the founder, Amanda's, desire to give her friends 'made with love' gifts, Minimocs are locally made in Vancouver from durable, hand inspected leather. After making several pairs as gifts, Amanda discovered a demand existed for her handmade creations.

Handmade from ethically- sourced materials, Minimocs are designed with an elastic opening, and are easy to get on but not so easy to kick off- even by the most active tootsies! The suede soles are the perfect soft, non slip surface for little walkers and are wearable in dry outdoor weather.

Each pair is made to order, with a variety of colours (metallics too!) available. At $40 a pair they make a beautiful gift and support a local YVR family run business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda & her husband at the Mommies N Munchkins Fair and bumped into them again at Portobello West a few weeks ago (these two keep busy!).
When they offered up a pair of Minimocs for my little lady I couldn't resist their gold mocs.

One thing you need to know about my daughter is that she inherited her mama's big feet and picking a pair that was the right size was a comical experience. We popped on a few pairs before deciding on a size she'd fit for a while (the elastic band was appreciated since we had to whip a few pairs on and off in quick succession). The leather they're made from is beautiful and soft- the soles remind me of high quality slippers I'd want to wear.


I love the variety of colours Minimocs come in and had a hard time choosing, but the gold goes with everything making them perfect for casual days or adding some sparkle to a dressy occasion. Comparing them to other shoes I have for Ari, the quality of these mocs is obvious- in both the quality of the leather and the construction. And Ari has yet to wing them off during her various activities (yay elastic!).

Just like what we decided to do with Ari, Minimoc recommends buying mocs a size up so your child will get longer wear out of them. (For a printable sizing chart, click here). And since there is so left or right shoe, the mocs are perfect for busy Moms trying to get their kids dressed & out the door.

Minimocs are available at a variety of stores in BC, Alberta & Ontario or on the company website (worldwide shipping available, or local pick up in Abbotsford available for those nearby). Click here to see where you can find these cute kicks.

Lookin for other stylin' accessories for you lil one? Leather hair bows & bowties are also available.

A big thanks to the lovely couple behind Minimocs for the beautiful gift. I would seriously love a pair in Mommy size. (Check out the cute photo below- I couldn't resist!)

To nab a pair for your lil bumpkin- or to give as a gift!- check out the Minimoc website & Facebook page 

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