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Friday, October 3, 2014

Photo Session Tips from Lisa Porter Photography (and Contest!)

Family photos have come a long way. It's exciting to capture those special moments in life you want to remember- from your engagement & wedding to pregnancy & newborn to family photos that you get taken annually. 

That being said, capturing those moments isn't always easy- especially when you're trying to wrangle a youngster (or youngsters!). We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Lisa Porter from Lisa Porter Photography about her photography style and what advice she has for different styles of photo sessions. We love that Lisa is so helpful with helping her clients be realistic with their expectations- life isn't perfect, it doesn't stand still, and  capturing those special moments is no different. If you go into a photo session prepared and realistic about what to expect, you'll likely be much happier with the results. Here's what Lisa had to say...

I have photographed a variety of families, engagement sessions, maternity, newborns, children, boudoir, weddings, corporate and sports events.
My style is to use available light where the natural light gives a more natural feel to the picture making it look less like a picture and more like a captured moment of your life to treasure forever.
I love to take photos so those precious moments can be captured in time! I like to take photos that go beyond the traditional studio style. Life isn't flawless
Laugh, be silly, love your kids and let them be themselves. When these types of authentic moments happen, the photos taken are so real and some of my favorites. The personalities of you and your children jump out of the photo.

Photo sessions can be stressful, especially for moms, but instead of worrying if the resulting photos will be perfect, embrace that life ISN'T perfect and just have fun. Kids can be unpredictable and I do my best to have my clients leave with a few great images. But it's important to keep in mind that pouting and acting silly is part of the process. 

Enjoy the photo sessions and embrace how crazy, fun, and wonderful family life can be. 
Here are Lisa's tips for various styles of photo sessions:
        Family Photos: 
  • It is important to give the kids some warning about the photos and get them excited about the family fun day
  • Have a change of clothes... it will add some variety to your photos and it's a good back up
  • Full tummies, for everyone... mom and dad included... this means happier people which equals better photos
  • Offering kids a reward for after the photos of candy or treats isn't always the best idea... maybe surprise them with a trip for ice cream or head to the park after the photos, as younger kids generally do not have a grasp of a timeline until they are about 6-8 years old 
  • Depending on how many people will be in the photo in addition to the child's 
  • age(s) we can discuss indoor or outdoor locations

    Pregnancy Photos
  • Moisturize that belly!
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in – long, flowy skirts, especially solids are nice, and strapless bras that coordinate with them. Tube dresses are great for showing off your shape. Bring a pair of regular jeans, not the belly panel ones. A button-up shirt also makes it easy to transition into showing your belly
  • Bring your significant other and have siblings available to get in on some photos too
  • Try to book your Newborn photo session while pregnant (maybe around 30 weeks) to get you 'penciled in' as photos are best within 10 days of his / her arrival
        Newborns & Baby 

  • Once the baby has arrived the perfect time to photograph is when the baby would be laying down for a nap. If your baby normally falls asleep after a feeding, wait to feed the baby until you’re at the shoot. We will have plenty of time for feedings 
  • Keep socks off and have loose clothing on the baby for 30 mins prior to the photo session as we don't want lines on the skin
        Boudoir Photos:

  • Bring a variety of options that you feel comfortable in- and don't be afraid to have fun!
  • Look up poses and ideas and practice before the session so you're more comfortable and ready for the session
  • Boudoir sessions are offered once or twice a year at a hotel with a luxury suite
  • A boudoir session typically will last close to an hour, allowing for a relaxed yet fun environment at a comfortable pace
  • Privacy is very serious and will never share your images online or in print without your written consent

    My photo sessions range from a full session to mini sessions, there is something for every budget. 
    I also run contests from time to time and offer incentives for bookings - currently if my Fall session is booked for Oct 11th I will include 12 printed Christmas cards on photo paper and the digital Christmas card that you can print at a lab of your choice or you can choose 5 additional digital files (see below for dates & locations).
    After the photo session your PRIVATE online gallery is available within 3 weeks of our session and your photos will be available for pick up or mail within 1 week of placing your order. All photo session include a print release so your selected images can be developed with a lab that you choose in either colour or black & white.

    See below for info about Lisa's upcoming photo sessions:

  • October 11th: Fall mini photo session S. Surrey
  • November 1st: Outdoor Christmas mini sessions
  • November 15th & 22nd: Indoor studio Christmas mini sessions 
  • November 28 & 29 (tentative): Boudoir photo session

  • One last note from Lisa: Capturing the moment can be challenging, but some are a walk in the park, all of them are different. 
    The lovely Lisa with her family. Says Lisa:
    My business would not be possible without the help of my husband. I’m so lucky that my husband supports me and helps out whenever I need him. He is my rock and our boys are my inspiration. 

    If you would like more information about Lisa or to book a session you can visit her websit or email her at info@lisaporterphotography.com. (Make sure to check out her blog for more great photos!)

    You can also find her on Facebook: Lisa Porter Photography & Twitter: @lporterspics

    A big thank you to Lisa for her great tips & advice and.....

    For contributing a great prize to TPB readers! 2 lucky families will receive a $25 credit towards a photo session when they book with Lisa! Enter on our Contests page!

    All photos & logo provided courtesy of Lisa Porter.

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