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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sharing Small: Teaching Kids Values One Pair of Socks at a Time {& Giveaway!}

For every pair purchased,
we donate a pair to 
a child in need
-Jared Kalef, Founder of Sharing Small

Is one of your new year resolutions to do good and make a difference? If it is you'll be glad you read this. YVR company Sharing Small is on a mission to help children in need in a fun & innovative way: a sock subscription. Now even those 10 little piggies can help make a difference!

How it works: Each month the company creates a new design and mails it out to subscribers (a fun little package for your kiddo to receive in the mail!), and for each pair of socks purchased the company donates a pair to a child in need. For $10/ month your little one will receive 2 pairs of socks while another child will receive the same. The company also offers fundraising opportunities for schools, sports teams, and other organizations (a fresh alternative to those bake sales!). Founder Jared Kalef started the company in the hopes of doing good while teaching children values, such as the importance of giving. If this is on your family's resolutions list this year, read on to learn more about this amazing company and the man with the big heart behind it.

More about Sharing Small
Jared: We offer the monthly sock subscription service for children ages 2-12 with a goal of teaching children empathy and the value of giving.  Every month, we send children 2 new pairs of fun socks in the mail in a package addressed directly to them, and for every pair purchased, we donate a pair to a child in need. We are proud to work with Baby Go Round and the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. You can choose to pay month-to-month (no obligation) or purchase pre-paid packages.

We’ve been in operation for about 5 months now, and already have customers around the world!   We started by doing some basic marketing research, creating our product and website, and promoting locally.  Steep learning curve to say the least!  I now know far more about sock manufacturing than I ever thought I’d need.

How did you decide to start Sharing Small?
Jared: I’ve been working with children for most of my professional life, from running summer camps to school programs, and special events.  With Sharing Small, I really wanted to create a product that inspired children to practice good life values (like empathy) on a daily basis, and intrinsically teach them about the value of giving and that even small items can make a huge impact on someone else’s life.   What better product to get this message across than socks???

What's your favourite thing about what you do?
Jared: My favourite part about running Sharing Small is getting sock design ideas from kids and parents.  All of our designs feature two “explorers” going on a new adventure – from being chased by a T-Rex to sledding with a penguin.  I love when kids and parents come up with crazy adventures for us to put on the socks, and then seeing those adventures actually come to life on our product.  90% of our designs are inspired by what kids tell us.

What's been the biggest challenge?
Jared: The biggest challenge we’ve faced is marketing and getting the word out there.  When first starting out, we really had no idea what marketing avenues would work and which ones wouldn't.  We've basically just been trying everything we can out there and seeing what works.  It’s an ongoing challenge to figure out the best way to promote our products.

Our package from Sharing Small- Ari ran off with a pair before I could take the photo!
In addition it's sock subscriptions, the company also offers fundraising opportunities through it's Community Fundraising Program, for schools, sports teams, and other organizations. The company will create marketing materials and sets up a unique promotion code for those wanting to support the fundraiser. For each sock subscription purchased during the fundraiser, Sharing Small contributes a portion of the subscription fees to benefit that school/ team/ organization for as long as the subscription continues. This in addition to donating a pair for every pair purchased.

What I really love about this company is it's heart. While yes, the product is very cute, it's the message and mission behind it that sets it apart. I also love the little extras that get sent along with the socks- in our package we got a sticker, colouring sheet, and a letter with fun facts about the explorers featured on the socks and inspiring updates about how Sharing Small is making a difference. Your kids will love getting their monthly package in the mail and you'll love knowing it's a fun way that your family is giving back. It's a great way to teach your kids about the importance of giving back and making a difference.

To sign up for a subscription* or to learn more about Sharing Small, visit their website. You can also find the company on Facebook & Twitter.

For more information about the organizations Sharing Small supports, click here

*Exclusive for TPB readers! Receive your first month free on a month-to-month or pre-paid subscription by using coupon code “pampered.” 

And make sure to check out our Contests page to enter to win a free 6- month subscription to Sharing Small!

Product images and logo provided by Sharing Small.
Product package image, K Petrunia

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