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Friday, February 27, 2015

Amazing Mom: Jamie Moore, The Little Moore Shop {+ Promocode & Giveaway!}

"If there's something 
you love to do 
why not try 
and make something of it?"

If you're having a baby or are shopping for one, it's safe to say that there are so many cute options out there. How do you choose??? (Hint: sometimes you can't & just have to buy one of everything! ;) ). While it's fun shopping in the larger stores at the mall I'm finding that there are so many amazing local brands with adorable quality products that I'd much rather buy from & support. One of these local brands is  The Little Moore Shop, which sells a variety of items for your little one including leggings, moccs, and bibs, to name a few. The owner, Jamie, started it up when she was searching for a way to earn an income working at home while her kids are young. Isn't that the ind of business you'd like to support & see succeed? Here's a little bit about the lovely Jamie & The Little Moore Shop...

A little bit about Jamie
After being a stay at home mom for 4 months I decided I needed to do something to help with the finances as I am pregnant again with baby #3. I am a certified teacher and love what I do, but where I am in my life right now I feel like this is where I am supposed to be. Starting The Little Moore Shop allows me to be there for my family.

How did you decide to start The Little Moore Shop?
I was encouraged by friends and family to start my own business selling all the baby things I love to make as gifts.  In August 2014 I opened Moore Craft Creations and changed the name to The Little Moore Shop this January. I wanted to give the shop a more chic name to appeal to the customers I'm trying to reach.

What kind of products do you sell?
I offer homemade sewed baby leggings, baby leather moccasins, baby bibs and bibdanas, infinity scarfs, and crocheted baby hats. Most of the products in the shop range from $10.00 -$35.00.

How did you decide to open the shop?
I started researching fads and trends for babies and began designing my own baby leggings and moccasins as they are really popular. From there The Little Moore Shop has taken off!!!

What is your favourite thing about having your own business? What is the biggest challenge?
My favourite part of what I do is being able to stay at home with my 2 little girls and still help out with finances.  The biggest challenge is putting a hold on my career as a certified teacher, since I really love what I do. But having The Little Moore Shop allows me to be there for my kids & contribute financially. 

Any advice to other ladies/ moms looking to start their own business?

If there's something you love to do, why not try and make something of it?

I hope you'll check out Jamie's 

Did you love all the cutie items in the post & want to support this Amazing Mama? Jamie is generously offering an outfit for your favourite little lady or man from The Little Moore Shop (a $75 value!). Hop over to the blog's Contests page to enter!

PLUS Jamie is offering TPB readers an exclusive discount: Receive 10% off you entire purchase for the two weeks of March (March 1- 14). Enter promocode (SS2015) at checkout to receive your discount. 

Make sure to visit The Little Moore Shop on Etsy to shop all of Jamie's adorable wares! Plus find the shop on Facebook & Instagram: @TheLittleMooreShop to stay in the know about her upcoming products.

Images & logo courtesy of Jamie Moore, The Little Moore Shop

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