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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Upcoming Book Review: The Joy of Missing Out

Could you go a whole month without using your smartphone and checking your email? I don't think I could, but I find the idea an interesting one. I look at a screen for work and am guilty of checking Instagram, etc way more often than I probably should. I sometimes catch myself picking up my phone and telling myself to put it right back down again. Having said that, I still prefer a book or a magazine to the e- version. There's something about holding it physically in my hands that I just don't get from reading from a screen or holding a tablet. Plus after I've looked at my laptop & phone all day for work, I don't find it relaxing at all to look at the same two screens to unwind. That's why I wanted to share this book that I'm going to be doing a review on, since most of us could probably use some unplugged time, even if we couldn't swing  an entire month. 

Here's a little bit about the book & author:

Canadian author and TEDx speaker Christina Crook decided to say goodbye to all technology, leading her in a journey that resulted in her newest book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World. JOMO is the product of Christina's passion for exploring the intersection of technology, relationships, and joy. Her book is available for sale now.

This book chronicles Christina’s journey and offers new insight into the impact of technology on our day-to-day lives. After this Vancouver-born author disabled the data on her smartphone, turned off her email, and said goodbye to the Internet for 31 days, she said, "I found a quietness of mind that I'd been hungering for, and I found my closest relationships deepening in a way that I hoped for."

The Joy of Missing Out is the embodiment of Christina's passion for bringing people back to a reality where people are able to interact without being distracted by their online personas and technology is used in moderation. Her book is an encouragement that great happiness and joy can be found when the people and experiences in front of you are priority.

The digital world is constantly capturing our attention and preoccupying our time. The Joy of Missing Out reflects on the idea that relationships would improve remarkably if people were willing to engage with each other entirely by setting aside their tablets, computers and smart phones.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this book with you and am curious to know: How long do you think you could unplug for?

Check out more on The Joy of Missing Out here

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