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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BBQ Season Must Haves

Bring on BBQ season! I love the late nights and spending time with friends & family long after the sun's gone down. When we have BBQs there's always got to be something for the kids- a blow- up pool or sprinkler and/ or a game, good drinks for the grown ups & good music. With Father's Day (and Summer!) right around the corner Man Crates asked me what I would include in a crate for BBQ season, so I asked the expert (my hubby) what his 'must haves' are when he's manning the grill. See below for his suggestions!

King of the Grill

BBQ Must Haves:

- good tools (tongs, a flipper, skewers, a grilling wrack & a meat thermometer for starters)
- good tunes to cook to (an outdoor iPod dock = great gift idea!)
- cold drinks (beer & mojitos are favs)
- a man apron for grilling those messy, saucy meals (bonus if there's a pouch to hold a beer!)
- drinking games (have you ever tried playing badminton after a few bevvies???)

What's on your man's 'must have' list for grilling?

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