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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

What do you give the guy that's got everything? I don't know about you, but I usually find men are tougher to buy for & sometimes simpler is better when it come to gifts for them. Think of what that special guy enjoys/ likes to do and use that as your gift inspiration. What are his hobbies? Favourite food? Drink? Is he into sports? Or even think about something special you can do together. See below for some ideas to help get you set this Father's Day.

This Father's Day give Dad...

... tools of the trade
Does your man or Pops think of himself as an expert in something- ie king of the grill? Why not set him up with everything he needs to fire up the barbee (or replace those well- used tools with some new ones)? For some great ideas that include everything he'll need, check out Man Crates, a company that offers gifts just for the fellas (they even come equipped with a crowbar to open them!). They've thought of something for all the things men love, including a crate for video game lovers & zombie enthusiasts. This is great way to give Dad a fun, personalized gift without having to do all the work yourself.
Prices vary

... some help in the style department
Is the dude you're buying for into clothes? Or does he hate shopping? (I have one of each on my list- my Dad's into clothes & Will would be happy to have me pick out his closet). Fashionable duds for Father's Day are win- win (for him since he's wearing them & for you since you're looking at them!). I love this hoodie by Locomotive Clothing & it's positive attitude. Make Dad smile & everyone who reads his hoodie as he walks by. Putting good vibes out there for Father's Day= bonus gift. 
Life is Rad zip hoodie- $69 CAD

... his favourite brew
Whether the Dad on your list considers himself a connoisseur of his favourite grown- up drink or just enjoys a cold beer at the end of the day, why not treat him to a cooler full of his favourite brew? Perfect to enjoy on a day at the lake, after a game of golf, or with a Father's Day BBQ.  We've been trying out different beers at our house & I love that Pacific Western Brewing (a BC brewery based in Prince George & makers of Cariboo beer among others) offers non GMO options. I'm also loving this cooler they've just introduced, perfect to stock up for Pops- add some good eats to toss on the grill and you've got Father's Day in the bag. 
Prices vary

...a tradition to share
This idea really is about the guy who has everything (you know the one who says 'I don't need anything' when you ask him what he wants). Growing up, what did you love doing with your Dad? Encourage your kids to start up a special tradition with your hubby or re- live a special one with your own Dad. Organize what will be needed- equipment, appropriate clothing, a packed lunch, etc- and have it ready for Father's Day. A fun twist is to give clues & see if Dad can guess what he'll be doing. PS- take lots of photos, you'll always want to remember when the tradition began with your kids & hubby or to compare with the ones of when you were younger with your own Dad.
Priceless ;)

What's on your Father's Day shopping list?

I hope your family has an amazing Father's Day!

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