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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gifts to My Children This Mother's Day

This year I'll celebrate Mother's Day as a Mom of two for the first time.

As the day has approached I've been reflecting a lot on the people in my life; on the two little ones that give me the title of Mom, the man I fell in love with who I'm sharing the incredible journey of life & parenthood with, my own parents and family, and the people I'm blessed to know.
And I think: there is no better gift.

I get to enjoy life with these people. To make memories that I will cherish. Share experiences that will be treasured. Capture moments that I'll never get back, but will look back on fondly. And we each have our own collection of moments that is uniquely our own.

While there are some truly amazing gifts that can be given to show our love and appreciation to our Mothers, I can't think of a better gift than sharing time together. My Mum's own mother passed away before I was born and she has now outlived her, making me even more grateful for the time I have with her. This time that I have with her is a gift. I am so blessed to have her as my Mum and to now enjoy her as the Grandmother to my children. 

This is something my Mum never got to experience with her mother, making this time even more precious. For all of the amazing things my Mum has done for me and given me over the years, there are two things that that I am most grateful for: her love and the time I have with her. This is a gift unlike any other. A gift I now share with my own children as their Mother. While there will be frustration, sleepless nights. tears, and countless other challenges, I know they will not be in vain. I will look back, as all Mothers do and say 'they grow up so fast'. I vow to live in the moments- all of them- and remember them as a part of my life's journey.

These moments are precious. And I will cherish them always.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I can't wait to see what memories will be made. 

Happy Mother's Day. I hope you collect some beautiful moments.

oxox TPB 

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