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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kiddo Style: Accessorizing Little Dudes & Ladies with Lille Mus

I have a confession: I'm a sucker for accessories. Ari has a whole drawer in her dresser full of headbands, clips, baretts... you get the picture. The way I see it, if she's a bit of a tomboy when she gets older I'll have got my girly fix while she's still young enough that I get to pick out her outfits and what goes with them.

And now that I've got a little dude to dress, that opens up a whole other area in the style department! While there still seems to be more options out there for girls, I'm starting to see more and more cute pieces for boys too (one word: bowties!). Oh geeze, I think I might have a problem here! ;) 

One of my favourite local brands, Lille Mus, makes accessories for both boys and girls handmade right here in Canada. Their fashion- savvy products are made from organic, eco- friendly fabrics and founding Mom, Merete, has been expanding the Lille Mus product line. And now with Liam to dress up it's fun to check out her offerings for little fellas in addition to her adorable accessories for little ladies. When I got the chance to  try out some of the pieces from the Spring/ Summer 2015 collection it put a big smile on my face.

Ari rockin' the Arrows infinity scarf in mint 

Why we <3 Lille Mus
I love that the fabrics are organic and eco- friendly and that they're high- quality; they're also incredibly soft but can stand up to the wear & tear a toddler puts them through. The other headbands we have from Lille Mus still look as good as new and take a lot of abuse from my little missy. They're a perfect accessory for when you're dressing up your kiddos, but they're also made from a soft, durable fabric that make them perfect for play time (we're needing something to keep Ari's hair out of her eyes, so the headbands from Lille Mus are perfect).

Who doesn't love bows???

How cute would it be to do a spa day with these? Or how about styling a spa- themed big girl party with them & giving them away as birthday favours instead of goodie bags? You could also put together a really nice gift with pieces in coordinating prints.... Again, can you tell I love accessorizing this little chica? I love the prints that Lille Mus uses and that you can mix & match them (some of the pieces are also gender neutral so you can get even more wear out of them- like the adorable infinity scarf Ari's wearing in the first photos. I know it'll look cute on Liam too ).

A little Mama daughter matchy matchy ;)

I couldn't resist popping on one of the headbands while I was getting ready with Ari one morning- did I mention this accessory brand is also Mama friendly??? (Confession: I borrow some of my daughter's accessories. And I'm not afraid to admit it! ;) ).

Next time you're on the hunt for some cute accessories for the little guys & gals you know (or mamas!), make sure you check out this awesome Mama- owned brand!

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Merete from Lille Mus for sending us more of her beautiful accessories to enjoy! No surprise, they're getting a lot of love in our house. 
oxox TPB

To view the complete selection of organic & eco- friendly products from Lille Mus- including tees, scarves, headbands, bow ties & more- visit their website & find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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