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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pull Up Your Pants! Testing Kid's Belts with Doonbug Designs

How many times have you gone to dress your kiddos and their pants either fit their waist but are too long/ short or are the perfect length but too big in the waist? Sigh, Mom problems. A little while ago I was talking to one of my friends about this issue and she was mentioning how she's been on the hunt for a belt for her son because he's long & lean and always having to pull his pants up. There don't seem to be a lot of options out there and of course cost and quality are 2 common concerns when it comes to buying anything for our youngsters since they grow out of everything so fast; plus these little ones can be rough on things once they become mobile!

Sound familiar? If you've been on the hunt for something to fasten those little pairs of pants, you'll want to check out Doonbug Designs. These quality, handmade accessories are made for active kids right here in BC by owner/ creator/ Mom, Andrea. The belts are made with 3" of adjustability so your youngster will get a lot of wear out of them and there are 3 closure styles to choose from: velcro, velcro & d- ring, and double d- ring, so you can select the style that's age- appropriate for your bumpkins. These belts combine function & fashion and are available in a variety of prints- the hardest part will be narrowing down your favourite designs!

Jena and I got the chance to try 2 of Doonbug's belts with our own little product testers. Ari got the velcro- only closure style and Nico got the velco & d- ring closure style since he's a little older. 

Ari's belt- the velcro- only closure style
Nico's belt- the velcro & d- ring closure style

From moi:
Ari is long and lean and there's been plenty of times I've gone to dress her and the pants I've chosen for her don't fit her waist. Since she runs all around our house, up and down stairs, and is constantly on the go I don't like the idea of her tripping over pant legs that are too long from drooping down. The belt Ari got to test out fit her well with room to get plenty of more wear out of it. 

I like how quick and easy the velcro closure makes it to get the belt adjusted to fit my little wiggle worm. She seemed really curious about it at first and then continued about her toddler business. The belt is well made & sturdy, so I'm not worried about it being tugged and pulled on by me or Ari. It's also cute to see her romping around wearing the belt & she's received compliments on her new accessory. I'm a fan that they're made here in BC by a Mom- someone who understands what kids need & understands the challenge of dressing them- and that they're a quality item that are not only cute, but serve a purpose. They're also an affordable purchase at $16.50 each. 

From Jena:
My son comes from a long line of lanky humans. So trying to fit pants on him, has been challenging. His legs grow faster than his waistline and we are constantly tightening the elastic button waist adjustment thingy’s in his new pants. When Kat asked me to trial a belt made specifically for kids by Doonbug, I thought: so she’s noticed how bunched up his waistline looks? Haha.

First impressions: Love the Velcro. I am currently trying to teach my 2.5 year old to dress himself, so this is super easy access (in the non-adult way) for him. I imagine that when I finally stop putting off potty training…when he is about ten… this will also come in handy. They also feel pretty sturdy, which is essential, because rather than softly pulling the belt off, my toddler likes to yank until he is free of his pants and can run around in the nude.

We received the blue camo print, which we liked. If you're not a fan of camo, there is a wide variety of designs on Doobug’s Etsy store that you can pick from. I love that these are handmade in Williams Lake, British Columbia, by a Mum. Win, Win, Win.

If you've been looking for an affordable, quality option to cinch your kiddos' pantaloons, these belts are a great solution. Doonbug Designs also offers up other great accessories for kids, including non- slip hairbands that are worth checking out. 

To see the full selection of items available & for sizing info, check out the Doonbug Designs website and Etsy Shop. You can also find the brand on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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