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Monday, May 18, 2015

Yummy Mummy Monday: Taking Some Time Out with Tea Sparrow

How do you find a few minutes for yourself? Since becoming a Mom, life is never boring, and now with two kids I know I'll never be bored again. ;) But it means that I have to consciously make time for myself, whether it's enjoying a shower without the supervision of my toddler, going for a run with a friend, or enjoying some peace and quiet during nap time. Something as simple as enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea can be therapeutic for us busy Moms. Sometimes all it takes is a few precious moments to help us relax before we dive back into our busy lives.

A few minutes of peace and quiet and a good cup of tea can do wonders in the midst of a busy day and it's a simple pleasure I've come to really enjoy during nap time. (Tea fact: Did you know that different teas have health benefits? See this post for more info on that). Ladies (and gents too, we can't forget about those busy Dads!) we have to remember to take care of ourselves and taking a few minutes each day can make a big difference to our health and overall well being.  So this week instead of a recipe I'm sharing about one of my favourite bevvies (2nd only to wine! ;) ) with one of my favourite local companies: tea.

Just before Mother's Day I received a tea box from Tea Sparrow featuring their May tea selections and have been enjoying them as a belated Mother's Day treat. If you're not familiar with this Vancouver company, Tea Sparrow offers monthly tea box subscriptions with each box containing four loose leaf teas: a black, green, roobios, and a herbal tea (2 caffeinated, 2 non- caffeinated). I had the pleasure of working with them last year and this little treat from them has been very much appreciated by this mama.

The May box contained an organic fruity herbal tea, a chocolate blueberry black tea, a blood orange roobios tea, and an organic citrusy green tea. I love herbal teas and both the Organic Cheery Fruit and the Blood Orange Smoothie Roobios teas  were delicious. I enjoyed sharing some with my Mum and we couldn't decide which one we liked more. For some ideas to try with herbal teas, see below. 

The green tea- called Clouds and Mist, how pretty is that?- included in the May tea box had a nice, sweet flavour. I find some green teas can be a little bitter, but this one wasn't. We've got a pitcher of it in the fridge waiting to be enjoyed on ice one of these beautiful sunny days. (Health fact: Did you know that green tea is associated with helping to fight cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, and prevent other common ailments? Another excuse to enjoy a cup ;) ).

Even though I love a nice caffeine- free tea- especially to enjoy in the evenings- my absolute favourite in this tea box was the Chocolate Blueberry Organic black tea. This tea tasted even better than it sounds. As per Tea Sparrow's instructions on the packet I added some honey to mine and it really is like dessert in a cup! Lovely, lovely, lovely. 

I love that you get to try four different high- quality teas (many of them are organic and/ or contain organic ingredients) sourced from quality tea makers from around the world. If you like one (or more) of the teas included in that month's tea box you can contact the vendor directly to order more. Each tea comes in it's own pouch complete with brewing instructions for optimal flavour. For anyone who considers themselves a tea connoisseur- or who simply enjoys a good cup of tea- you really have to check out Tea Sparrow for yourself (you can try a single tea box, or enjoy 3 or 6 month subscriptions, plus ongoing subscriptions that you can start/ pause/ stop at any time). To view Tea Sparrow's May tea box click here.

Fun ideas to try with tea this Summer

- Try giving your kiddos iced herbal/ caffeine- free tea instead of juice for a hydrating boost.

- Use cooled tea to make freezies or popsicles; add fresh fruit wedges for an added nutritional punch See here and here for more info on the herbal teas mentioned in this post and to order some for yourself). 

- Enjoy a sparkling water infused with tea (great for herbal, fruity teas). Brew a pot & allow to cool, then freeze in ice cube trays and pop into your favourite sparking drink for a refreshing sipper.

-Chill some coconut, almond, or cashew milk & make ice cubes with a roobios or black tea. When the tea cubes melt you'll enjoy a cool drink with a subtle flavour. 

To learn more about Tea Sparrow, check out their website & find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Image sources:
Relax quote- Suzanne Bowen Fitness
Photos- K Petrunia
Popsicle image- Paper N Stitch
Logo courtesy of Tea Sparrow

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