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Friday, June 19, 2015

Getting in Shape After Baby: Mommy & Me Fitness with Fit 4 Two

When my husband and I got pregnant with our first child, we faced the inevitable decision of moving out of our 600 square foot apartment, downtown, to a suburb. Having lived all over downtown Vancouver since moving out West, the thought was not appealing. But because of family, affordability, and proximity we moved to North Delta. My husband grew up there, but for me it was a HUGE change. Throw in a new baby and 'overwhelmed' is an understatement.

As someone, who has been active and athletic all my life, I knew that I needed to find a fitness outlet that would help me with the mental strain I was feeling and also get me back into shape. Downtown this would have been no problem, with tons of things geared towards moms. In North Delta, there were options, but nothing that I found to be engaging or to be a 'good enough workout'. And I was fortunate to have in-laws who were happy to watch my first while I went to the gym.

Then came the second. And while I still have the very supportive in-laws, it’s more difficult to leave two kids, especially one that is breast-feeding. So just as I was trying to figure out my workout situation…Serendipity struck. I was perusing a Delta Moms Facebook group (because these are things you join when you have kids and move to a new suburb) and as luck would have it, Fit 4 Two® Delta posted a free class. I wrangled up some friends to go with me and we met Val.

Val is the new owner of the Fit 4 Two® Franchise in Delta, and she comes with a lengthy past in fitness. She is someone who not only works in fitness, but loves it. Living a healthy active life has always been a top priority for Val, who started her career as a Certified Personal Trainer 7 years ago. She has done everything from one on one personal training to group fitness classes, coached school teams, and helped athletes reach their personal goals. Because of this lengthy experience, she is able to make her classes achievable for those new to working out, and challenging for those more experienced who need that extra push. Val started teaching classes with Fit 4 Two® Surrey in 2014. After learning more about the company and teaching for six months, she decided that the Delta Franchise was meant to be and devised a plan to bring Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness to the women of Delta.

Even beyond all the amazing benefits of exercise for the pre and post partum woman, there is evidence that shows exercising in front of your children has positive long term outcomes. Kids do what kids see.  Some studies suggest that if both parents are active, their kids will be 5.8X more likely to be active themselves (www.Fit4Two®.ca). And I see this first hand: my two-year old son gets excited when he sees me grab my yoga mat, and now he plays pretend “exercising” or says he’s going to “run fast like mama” (heart melt). So if you’ve been meaning to get out and get sweating, there’s no better time than the Summer, and an experienced certified teacher like Val is the right choice for the post- partum body!

More about Fit 4 Two®

Fit 4 Two® offers pre and postnatal fitness and yoga, classes on land and in the water across Canada. The company is passionate about empowering women and their communities through safe, fun filled classes, run right in your local parks and community centres. You can come to class expecting to get your sweat on, and/or relax with other great moms in your area. Each class is tailored with safe and effective exercises to keep you, fit, active, and happy through your prenatal and postnatal fitness endeavours. The classes are a great way to build friendships and a support network with other moms in your community.

If this was the push you needed to get back in shape after babe, check out Fit4 Two® Delta,  and find them on Facebook & Instagram. Visit the Fit4Two website to see classes available in your area.

Check back soon to learn how you can enter to win a prize pack from Fit 4 Two Delta!

Post contributed by Jena Lenzi

Photos provided by Pacific North Photography
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