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Monday, June 29, 2015

Seventh Generation Review {& Giveaway}

Before Ari was born I had the best of intentions to use cloth diapers. I really did. Then she came along and I saw how much work and extra laundry they would be and that idea got tossed (kudos to those of you who cloth diaper by the way). And so began our relationship with disposables. I don't love them or the added waste that they represent, but something that really stands out to me is this: what are they made of? What makes them absorbant and is it really safe for that tender skin that they are up against all day every day (and night)? We put them on our babes but how much do we really know about them?

Seventh Generation diapers have no bleaching chemicals, dyes/ fragrances, or lotions all while promising safe and effective leak protection. And really, when you think about it, why should diapers have any of those to begin with? Especially when they touch the most sensitive skin there is.

When I got the chance recently to try their diapers and wipes with Liam and Ari I was really curious and excited since I had heard good things from one of my friends who already uses their products. Plus it was a good opportunity to compare how well this brand performs with different ages; Liam is a wiggle worm but is usually still lying on his back while Ari is always on the go, both posing their own unique challenges when it comes to leak protection and comfort.

For the past week I've been using only the Seventh Generation diapers and wipes to see how they compare to the others products we've used; this was a special focus of mine when it came to Ari's sensitive skin and I didn't want to use anything else so I knew how her skin reacted to the Seventh Generation diapers and wipes (it didn't). I've been putting each kiddo in a Seventh Generation diaper for naps and over night to test how leak- proof & comfortable they are and have been impressed. I did notice that when wet you can be fooled into thinking your bumpkin has had an explosive poop since the dye- free material goes a darker shade of brown (similar to unbleached coffee filters when they get wet) and without the fragrance there's no masking the scent of whatever is in the diaper, but neither of these things would deter me from buying them. 

Liam sporting the size 1 diaper

Ari modelling the size 6 diaper

They've also stood up well to the constant movement that an active toddler puts them through and the occasional explosive poop by Liam (ah, the things you talk about when you're a Mom! ;) ). I'm a big fan of the bleach/ dye- free material they're made out of, especially since Ari has sensitive skin. On that note the wipes have also been a success and I appreciate how thick and strong they are (again, with the ages my kids are at we have different, ahem, needs when it comes to wiping; one eating solids and the other exclusively nursing). I also give them a thumbs- up for being free of baddies like parabens and pthalates. The ready- to- go packaging is also great since all you have to do is toss them in the diaper bag and it makes for easy dispensing (I'm not such a fan of the uber refill packs from other brands that you have to separate into travel dispensers, I know this isn't a major thing to do but it's one less thing to think about). 

If you've been looking for diapering options that are free from chemicals like bleach and fragrances I would definitely suggest giving Seventh Generation diapers and wipes a try. And if I haven't quite got you convinced to try them, Seventh Generation is offering up $50 in products for one lucky reader! Go to the blog's Contests page to enter.

For more information about Seventh Generation check out their website & find them on social media:
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You can purchase Seventh Generation products online at Well.ca