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Friday, June 5, 2015

Toddler Tested, Mama Approved- Trying Out Playtime Cups by Playtex

One of the conversations I had a lot after becoming a Mom was comparing notes on baby bottles: How many brands/ styles were tried; whose babe took which; what nipple produced less bubbles, etc. And as the kids get older & transition from a bottle to a cup there seems to be just as much talk around which cups we've had success with with our growing kiddos. 

When I wanted to start giving Ari cups I was looking for something that was reasonably priced, durable, easy to clean, and would be an easy transition for her. After chatting to some Moms with older kids and hearing their recommendations I decided on these Playtex cups with straws.

Aside from coming recommended I liked that they were reasonably priced (about $11 for a 2 pack) and they have been well- used in our house (they're still in such good shape they'll be getting passed down to Liam).

With our kids getting older I've seen questions on social media about what cups kids have liked once they get into the toddler years; something that makes both the kids and Mom happy (something a little more 'grown up' but still durable and easy to clean, etc). Since those cups from Playtex have been so well used I was glad to have the opportunity to try out one of their Playtime Cups with Ari for the past month or so. Now that my soon- to- be two year old has an opinion on everything including what she uses to eat & drink with (surprise: whatever Mom's got ;) ) I was glad to give this new cup a try so that she had something new & fun to drink out of (suddenly Mom's wine glass doesn't look so interesting!)

We received one of the spout cups with the My Little Pony designs and Ari has loved it. My first impression was how colourful and cute it was and that it appeared to be just as durable as the other Playtex cups we've been using.

Ari's Playtime Cup

I like it because it's BPA free and dishwasher friendly, plus it's leak proof and is just as durable and leak- proof as the other Playtex cups we've used (it's fallen off the high chair plenty of times and gets thrown around in the diaper bag without ever spilling). These cups are great if you've been trying to find something that your 'big kid' will like, and they're affordable if you want to stock up on a few or have to replace one if it gets lost/ forgotten somewhere. They're also the perfect size for little hands to hold (see photo above). 

The cups come in a variety of designs including My Little Pony and Thomas the Tank Engine, so you little one can pick the cup(s) with their favourite characters. For more info about these cups see below.

Playtex Playtime Cups Product Features
  • Made for kids 12m+ 
  • BPA free & dishwasher safe
  • Twist 'n ClickTM  technology with an audible 'click' so moms know they're guaranteed 100% leak & break proof
  • Double wall insulation to keep drinks cool & fresh for 2x as long
  • Spout or straw versions available
  • Available at all major retailers across Canada (MSRP: $7.99)
  • Favourite characters include 
    • Thomas the Tank Engine
    • My Little Pony
    • Batman
    • Superman (available exclusively at Walmart)
Some of the other designs available: 

Tips to keep your kiddos well hydrated during the Summer:
  • always have a cup or bottle of water for your kids at the ready whether at home or out & about 
  • encourage your little one to drink fluids toward the end of/ after a meal and/ or midway between meals- that way they don't fill up on fluids before they eat, but remain well hydrated
  • infuse water with lemon wedges, pieces of fresh fruit, or ice cubes made with fruit to add a sweet flavour without lots of sugar or artificial flavours/ colours
  • set a good example- make sure you drink plenty of water so your kids will follow your lead
Playtex products are available at a variety of stores and well.ca among other online retailers.

Thanks to Playtex for sending us a Playtime Cup to try- it's getting well used! :)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate ads.

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