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Friday, July 17, 2015

Taking the Stayfree Challenge

Whether you're recovering post- baby or are just trying to find something for your monthly needs, there are probably 2 things on the top of your list: comfort (who wants to feel like they're wearing a diaper?!) and absorption. I hated having to wear pads after giving birth (albeit the much thicker hospital- issued variety) and dread the nights during the month when I need them. It just. Feels. Yucky. 

Sound familiar? If it does, this post will make you smile. No really. I sometimes receive emails inviting me to try a product and review them on the blog, but when I got an email about taking the Stayfree Challenge I was caught a little off guard. I'll share a few lines from that email with you:

That’s right: I am contacting you to see if you’d be interested in doing the Stayfree Challenge pad test. It may seem like an unusual request, but it’s actually really quite interesting and only takes a few moments to complete...The Stayfree Challenge is a quick and easy ‘blue liquid’ pad test that you can do right at home to see how Stayfree Ultra Thin pads perform alongside their competitors.

Well then. 

Who hasn't seen one of those feminine product commercials where they use the blue liquid? And let's face it, it doesn't look like that in real life, but it can be funny to watch. Plus who believes that's how they really work anyways? I decided to take them up on their offer and took the Stayfree Challenge to test out one of their products to see if & how they stood up to the competition. If nothing else I thought it would be a fun little experiment and I'm sharing about how it went below.

For the Stayfree Challenge I was sent everything I would need to conduct my own test using that infamous blue liquid and compare their product with two competing ones. I set everything up and poured 5ml of the blue fluid on the three pads (I might also add that Will got a fair bit of amusement watching me as I set up everything on our kitchen counter). Scroll down to see how the experiment turned out.

Here's the focus of this experiment: Stayfree's Ultra Thin Regular Pads with wings

All set up & ready to go...

...After pouring the blue liquid I waited a few seconds...

... Then placed a blotting sheet on each followed by a 5lb weight...

... Here's what they looked like when I removed the weights 
(the Stayfree paper barely had anything on it)...

... And here's a close- up.

Taking part of the Stayfree Challenge reminded me of the science fair projects I did as a kid and I had a bit of fun taking part in it. I was impressed how something that thin could work so well to absorb the moisture and gave me a new outlook on pads (especially since the brand I used in the past is not as thin as these). My general perspective on them is the thinner, the better (especially when it comes to comfort) and to see that these do such a good job without resembling my kid's nappies makes me happy. 

If you'd like more information on the product tested in this post, click here. To learn more about Stayfree & see all of their products visit their website.  

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