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Friday, August 14, 2015

Easing 'That Time of the Month' with ElleBoxCo

Hands up, who loves that time of the month? Depending on how much you suffer leading up to & during your period, it's safe to say it's probably not your favourite thing in the world. Enter ElleBoxCo, a monthly subscription company started by 3 local ladies that delivers feminine products alongside treats such as tea, candles, and bath products to make those days of the month a little less undesirable. And get this: they were inspired by gourmet bacon. Yes, bacon. See below for more info & the rest of the story behind ElleBoxCo from the ladies themselves (plus get an exclusive PROMO CODE towards your first subscription!).

A little about the ladies behind  ElleBoxCo
Taran: Law student, coffee lover, travel obsessed
Bunny: Accounting student, cheeseburger fanatic, travel enthusiast
Jessica: UBC Kinesiology student, adrenaline junkie addicted to the outdoors

It all began with gourmet bacon
The inspiration behind ElleBoxCo: Gourmet Bacon. Let us explain…

All of our parents are entrepreneurs, and we always knew individually that we wanted to have our own businesses. The three of us have always discussed quirky business ideas, half jokingly, half seriously, until one day we heard about a company that sells a convenient monthly subscription of gourmet bacon delivered to your door step. This got us thinking about our biggest inconvenience as women and immediately we thought of one that just happens to occur each month... so we created ElleBoxCo.

About ElleBoxCo
ElleBoxCo provides the convenience and comfort that we all want during that time of the month. The aim of our company is to revolutionize woman’s periods and provide a premium monthly subscription box to pamper, comfort, and alleviate period symptoms (who doesn’t love tea and chocolate?). Best of all, no more awkward checkout lines at your local supermarket (perfect for young ladies just starting out- Mom can help them pick out the products they need in the comfort and discretion of home). Each subscription is customizable by brand, cycle date, and number of pads and tampons. In addition to feminine hygiene products, we also feature hand curated comfort goods created  by local venders such as candles, scrubs, face masks and more.

As well, we also want to help combat the stigma of talking about periods, by talking about them.
This worked recently when Canadian women petitioned the government to remove taxes on pads and tampons, which are a necessity in comparison to other items which are not taxed, including cake decorations and exotic meats… like gourmet bacon.

As part of our initiative at ElleBoxCo, we will be donating partial proceeds from every box sold to local women’s causes, including the Vancouver Bank; all women NEED feminine hygiene products, which are the least donated items to Food Banks in Canada. 

Price Points
-       Necessities Box $16
-       Comfort Box $24
-       Luxury Box $36

Price includes shipping for the Lower Mainland

If you are interested in learning more or subscribing, visit the ElleBoxCo website or contact them via email at info@elleboxco.com. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

And as TPB readers you can enjoy an exclusive discount with EllBoxCo!
Receive a 10% discount code for first time subscribers: Use promo code    WITHLOVE10 at checkout.