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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Keepsake DIY with First Baby Shoes

I'm sure you've seen the leather moccs that so many little ones are sporting all over Instagram, and let's face it, they're pretty cute. There are so many brands that offer adorable clothes and accessories for kids and babies that it can be hard to choose. I'm lucky that family and friends have given us gifts and plenty of hand- me- downs for our kids, but I still like to pick out things for them myself (plus I don't get in trouble if I shop for them! If I bring home shoes for me on the other hand... ;) ). 

This pair of little red booties from First Baby Shoes will be one of those things I keep for Liam even when he's outgrown them. I love how cute they are and that they hold a special sentimental value since I made them. I love a good craft/ DIY project, but sometimes I just don't have the time to pull off a Pinterest- inspired project. The kit for these booties allowed me the time to make Liam something special without feeling 'not good enough' from all the ideas out there. The cost of a kit is comparable to what you would pay for ready- made leather shoes and I spent about 3 hours over 3 nights working on them (it would have only taken 2, but I goofed a little- you'll see what I mean). I opted for the Rie design and am really happy with how they turned out. Even if you're not a savvy crafter, this shoe kit would be a cute and simple project- plus I think one of these kits would make a really cute baby shower or first Christmas gift. I'm sharing how I made them below.

Everything came in this cute keepsake box (inside the lid there's space to write to/ from and other info as a sweet memory saver). When your little one has outgrown them, you can store them in the box for safe- keeping alongside other sweet keepsakes.

Everything came ready to go, all I had to do was read the instructions and cut the thread (the holes are pre- done as well, making everything pretty much fool proof). Once I laid out all the pieces and cut the thread I watched the tutorial videos a few times to figure out how to put everything together. The instructions are pretty simple and straight- forward, but I'm a visual learner and liked having the option of online videos to help me get started.  The website has instructional videos for all styles available plus the basic stitch needed to sew their shoes, which I found helpful. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but once I got the hang of it, it was really simple. It took me about 3 hours to sew the pair; it would have probably taken a little less time but I made a mistake while I was sewing the second shoe.

Here's everything laid out; I flipped the pieces to show what the inside and outside look like. A feature I really like about these booties is that they have rubber soles, making them a durable option for early walkers.

I took this photo to show when I goofed making the second shoe- can you spot my boo boo? It just required some unpicking and new stitching, but I opted to finish them on a 3rd night. Otherwise they would have only taken me a night or two to make.

Voila! Boo boo fixed & finished. I love, love, love them and am so happy with how they turned out.

My little dude- I think he likes them! <3

I had fun making these booties and love that they're something just for Liam. My time might be shared between 2 kids now, but I'm trying to make sure I do things that are special for him, as I did for Ari. I definitely pick my projects a little differently than when I just had 1 kiddo, but I hope this post shows that there are options out there for busy Moms looking for something special for their kids.

About Liam's booties 
Kit shown: RIE kit in red 
Price:  €35.00 (approx $50 CAD)
Click here to view other kits available.

About First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes is a Polish company specializing in high quality & on- trend baby shoe making kits. Using soft, breathable leather and flexible styrogum (for the soles), First baby Shoes allow baby's feet to grow and move unrestricted while wearing. Both ready- made and shoe kits are available. Prices range from €12.50- €37.00 for ready- made soft sole shoes & kits cost €35.00.
"We believe shoe making can be a great way to express LOVE. One pair of hand made baby shoes contains time, passion and love of people who decided to sew it. We are sure first steps in FIRST BABY SHOES will be unforgettable and this unique pair will stay with family forever".

You can see all available products on the First Baby Shoes website and find the company on Facebook.

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