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Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall in Love with Paper Airplane {Feature & Review}

Hello handsome!

If you follow the blog on social media- Instagram especially- you've probably seen photos of Liam sporting some cute items, including the bandana bib above. They are as useful as they are cute and I have my friend Steph from Cutie Pie Boutique to thank for introducing me to the shop that makes them: Paper Airplane.

As part of her gift to Liam after he was born, Steph gave me two bibs- a bandana bib and a regular bib- made from cotton and minky fabrics that I fell in love with (did anyone else only learn about minky fabroc when they had kids???). The cotton is easy to clean and durable while the minky fabric is soft on baby's skin. I realized pretty quick that Liam was going to spit up a lot more than Ari did and I knew I wanted to have more on hand to save Liam's clothes. Plus I love that they're a cute addition to his outfits (while more options are starting to pop up, there still aren't as many cute things out there for boys as for girls). I stocked up this Summer on some cute prints and the owner, Leslie, kindly sent a few gifts for Liam along with my order. Everything she offers is made from high quality, baby- friendly materials, such as durable cotton. While the bandana bibs are the most commonly used item,  this shop offers a variety of other products including blankets, taggie crinkle toys (one of Liam's favourites- see the funny video below), natural wooden teething rings, and pacifier/ toy clips.

As a Mom of two, Leslie knows what Moms need and appreciates the quality of handmade, which is what led her to create Paper Airplane. Believe me when I say that the bibs get put through their paces, but are quite durable and wash up nicely. Some nights I'll simply wash them by hand with hot water and castille soap to use the next day, while messy meals call for the washing machine. Even though Liam is not  a tidy eater and his food tends to be the kind that stains- think pureed carrots, peas, and squash to name a few- I haven't found that the bibs/ bandana bibs stain very easily. I love that everything is simple to clean and so well made- Leslie's handiwork is beautiful and has stood up well to everything my little guy has put it through (the video below is proof!). 

Everything that Paper Airplane offers make great gifts if you know someone expecting or with a new baby; or, if you're a Mama like me and know what you're looking for, are great to buy for your little one to have on hand.

If you'd like to see all of the items Paper Airplane has available, visit their website. You can also find them on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Price info for the items included in this post (all prices in CAD):
Bandana Bibs: $8 | Bibs: $11 | Crinkle Taggie Toys $15 | Toy/ Pacifier Clips: $9

Come by The Baby and Tot Show this weekend (Oct. 24 & 25) to see these great products for yourself. 

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