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Friday, October 16, 2015

Home Clean Home: Review with The Swift Maids

My thoughts on housework... ;)

When life gets busy I am guilty of pushing 2 things down my priority list: exercise and house work. Some weeks I'm just happy to tackle the mountain of laundry that our family produces and clean the toilets- pretty sad, but true- never mind chasing dust bunnies, wiping down stainless steel appliances, scrubbing floors, corralling toys, the list goes on... And I have always hoped (dare I say dreamed?) of hiring someone to come in and be my house work fairy godmother. Someone to make all of the mess go away and endless tidying find it's end- at least for a few precious hours. Let's face it, houses with kids are a vicious circle of chasing messes out of one room and into another, and I flat out don't have the interest in being a slave to a clean house. Nope, no thank you. So when Swift Maids offered me the chance to try out their cleaning services I pretty much jumped for joy. This past long weekend I enjoyed a Thanksgiving sans cleaning thanks to this local service and it was a much enjoyed/ appreciated break from the cleaning cycle. 

How It Works
To book a cleaning all you have to do is fill out The Swift Maids online form  and provide some information about your home, what kind of cleaning service(s) you would like, and when you would like to book. The Swift Maids then assigns one of their cleaning teams to your home. The company screens all of their employees to ensure they are experienced and professional, and that they will meet the company's cleaning and customer service standards.

Cleaning services start at $114 CAD including GST and you can select extra options such as laundry ($20/ load), move in/ out services ($50), appliance cleaning (inside oven or fridge $25 each), and others. You provide payment online and can select a one- time cleaning, or book recurring services to receive discounts.

When I booked my cleaning I asked them to arrive in the evening, so I could enjoy it being clean & tidy for a few hours after the kids were settled for the night. A huge added bonus was that I didn't have to worry about house cleaning over the long weekend, just the laundry. And I loved not having to think about cleaning over the weekend.

Here's a rundown of what was done:
- floor vacuumed and washed
- sink cleaned
- stainless steel polished/ cleaned
- stovetop cleaned

- toilets and sinks cleaned
- bathtub cleaned in main bathroom

Living Room & Dining Room
- floor vacuumed
- dusting

Kid's Rooms
- floors vacuumed
- dusting

I tried to take a variety of photo but none of them did justice to the cleaning (before/ after shots of dust don't really show up that well) but these ones of my stovetop are a good example for before/ after purposes.



For a basic cleaning I was happy and grateful to have a weekend off from chasing messes through the house (you know the cycle, you clean up one mess while your kid(s) make another). I was especially thankful to have my stainless steel appliances wiped down (yay for no handprints/ streaks!) and my stovetop cleaned, two chores I hate doing (why is it called stainless steel???). I also appreciated that I was asked several times if there was anything else I wanted done as the ladies went through the rooms. For general cleaning, the service I received is fine, but I'd recommend booking extra services if you would like a 'deep' clean for specific rooms or additional services like those listed at the beginning of the post. I also see a value in a service like this if you're planning to host an event or party at home so you can save time and put it towards other things on your to- do list (this would be a good idea if you'll be hosting holiday parties- I always hate the cleaning before and after you have guests over).

Exclusive for TPB Readers
If you would like to try The Swift Maids for yourself, receive 30% off when you book online using promocode thepamperedbaby (promocode valid until Januray 4, 2016).

Thank you to The Swift Maids for saving me from a weekend of cleaning at Thanksgiving!

To view The Swift Maids full list of services visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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