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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Playtex Nurser Bottle & Drop-Ins® Liners Review + WIN a $150 Amazon.ca Gift Card

We've been using Playtex products with our kids for a while (click here for info on cups for on- the- go toddlers) and now that Liam's starting solids, it's a great time to try out new foods and feeding options. A friend recently helped me review their Nurser bottle with Drop-Ins® Liners (see here for that post) and this past week I've been trying them out for myself. Luckily Liam isn't too picky about bottles, but I wanted to wait to try this one with him until I began to incorporate a little bit of water and/ or formula with meals as we transition into solids. He took to the whole experience like a champ and I've got an opportunity for readers to try them out with their own little ones. See below for more about these bottles and how you can receive one for free plus the chance to WIN A $150 AMAZON.CA GIFTCARD!

Here's what the pieces look like when taken apart
Product Info
- designed for busy Moms on- the- go
- disposable & pre- sterilized liners make bottles easy to use & clean
- provide a comfortable feed for baby 
- as baby feeds the soft liner gently collapses to prevent air mixing with milk to stop it getting into baby's tummy & causing gas pain
- works with all new Playtex nipples 
- designed to mimic breastfeeding
- used for generations
- BPA free
- available online at Well.ca and Amazon.ca and all major retailers across
Click here to view the Nurser Bottle with disposable liners and here for the Nurser Drop- Ins
(this will be where reader reviews are posted).

Here's how it looks when assembled

Why I Think You'll Like Them
I like that the liners are designed to collapse to avoid air being swallowed. Liam can down a bottle pretty quickly, so I have to watch that he doesn't suck in air when he's finished. These liners eliminate that concern. I have friends who had gassy/ colicky babies and having a product like this could make a huge difference. Another great feature about these bottles is that you can try different Playtex nipples to find one your baby likes- if you've ever lived through a bottle strike, you know how important the right nipple can be (see the info about compatible nipples in this post). I also like that everything is dishwasher safe. I don't love that the liners aren't the most eco- friendly option since they're disposable/ a one- time use item, but they do make clean up easier as you can discard any unused liquid in the sink and simply pop everything else into the dishwasher (anything that makes clean up easier and saves me time is good in my books!).

Now about that giveaway!
25 TPB readers will get the chance to try out a Nurser bottle with Drop-Ins® liners PLUS enter for the chance to win a $150 Amazon.ca gift card. All you have to do is write a review on Amazon.ca  once you have tried them out, then email me the link to your review to be entered (that means you've got a 1 in 25 chance of winning!).

Simply email me at kpetrunia@hotmail.com so I can arrange for you to receive your products to try. Once you've completed your review, all you have to do is send me the link to be entered. Good luck!

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