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Monday, October 5, 2015

Yummy Mummy Monday: Carrot & Ginger Soup

We're officially into soup season. And really what could be better than cozying up with a warm bowl of soup on a cool Fall day? This week's recipe was contributed by Malika from Everything's Better Spouted and is a delicious crowd pleaser chock- full of nutrients. I love Malika's recipes because they're tasty and made with whole ingredients, making them healthy options when you've got a craving (for another amazing soup recipe from Malika that was a hit in our house, try out this recipe). See below for more from Malika and this delicious soup recipe.

Hey, it's Malika from Everything's Better Sprouted. I'm loving Fall and making warm soup recipes weekly! If you have kids, this is a great way to sneak veggies into their diets. ;) I have a 6 year old son and I just tricked him into eating cauliflower the other night in a soup.....shhhhhhh don't tell him. Did you know that carrots are full of beta-carotene which help you improve your eye sight. They are also contain vitamin A, which can protect your skin from the sun's damage. Ginger is great for healing inflammation in your body and is used for it's tummy soothing properties. That's why your mom always told you to drink ginger ale when you had a tummy ache. If you don't want to use bone broth in your soup, you could easily substitute cashew cream or coconut milk in this recipe. Happy Cooking!
xx Malika

Malika Smith is the Blogger behind Everything's Better Sprouted. A mother, foodie, and certified integrative nutrition health coach, she's passionate about eating real whole food that tastes good! It's hard to know what is and isn't good for you with all the fad diets these days,  and Malika uses her blog to help guide and inspire you to live your healthiest life. To learn more about Everything's Better Sprouted, hop over to the website & find her blog on social media: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, & Pinterest

You can also contact Malika via email at: malika@everythingsbettersprouted.com.

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