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Friday, November 27, 2015

Shop & Save Online this Holiday Season with Groupon Coupons

Call me a weirdo, but I usually start keeping my eye out for Christmas gift ideas starting in August. I'll pick up things throughout the year that catch my eye, but the end of Summer is usually  when I really start to pay attention. I love finding the perfect gift, but I really love it when I can get it on sale. With everyone we have to buy gifts for throughout the year, the total can really add up (I remember telling Will what we budgeted to spend on gifts one year and he didn't believe me). I love shopping local when I can but when it comes to things like gifts, I try to buy brands and products that I know the recipient loves. And when it comes to a lot of things- ie toys, gear, etc for the kids- online deals often can't be beat.

Over the years one of my favourite go- tos for online shopping has been hitting up sites like Groupon to see what featured deals they have available. Online coupon sites are great one- stop shops to find discounts on everything from restaurants to clothes, and household needs. One of my favourite purchases was for a local company that delivered organic produce right to our door- it was something we needed and the discount made it a great budget- friendly way to stock up on expensive items on our grocery list.

If you're a fan of online shopping and love a good deal, add Groupon Coupons to your list of online places to shop. They've partnered with thousands of retailers such as Birchbox, NordstromNine WestToys R Us, and Babies R Us to offer exclusive discounts and promo codes- perfect if you've got a long list to buy for this holiday season (or if you'd like to treat yourself!). There's way too many to list here & if you have a US PO box you can make the most of both Canadian & American deals.

To see the list of current coupons & promo codes visit the Groupon Website. You can also follow them on social media: Facebook | Twitter

Image source: Birchbox

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Groupon Coupons. All opinions are my own.

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