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Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Years Inspirations Part 2: Slow Down & Enjoy the Little Things

How often do you slow down? Put yourself first? Really savour that cup of coffee (while it's still hot!)? No matter what your life mix is, there's always plenty to keep us busy and one thing I've found is how much better I feel when I make the choice to slow down and 'turn off', even if it's only for a few minutes each day. I love checking things off my to- do list, but I'm guilty of burning myself out trying to get everything done and then not being such a pleasant person as a result. When I set goals, I want to reach them and I have to remind myself to be patient, not be too hard on myself. To savour the moment and enjoy the journey. One person who I admire for her ability to reflect within and always find a way to stay positive is Jamie from Styling the Inside. I love her openness and honesty about her own personal journeys and how genuine she is. Jaimie is a busy lady and she admits there is plenty of crazy thrown into her days, but she has taught herself the importance of taking time for herself, to 'style the inside'. In Part 2 of my New Years Inspirations posts (see Part 1 with the ladies of Pacific North Photography here), Jamie has shared how she shapes her daily habits to live with intention throughout the year. 

What do you think the difference is between setting goals and setting resolutions for the new year? Do you think one is better than the other?
I personally believe the two go hand- in- hand. Having a goal is something  we want to achieve that's attainable while having a resolution really helps us reinforce these changes we want to make. 

How do you like to plan for the year ahead? Do you set goals/ make resolutions?
Right before the new year a few girlfriends/ fellow bloggers/entrepreneurs and I met up at the local library to "plan" for the new year. I found this to be very helpful because we helped one another brainstorm ways to achieve our goals. Verbalizing our goals and plans has  also helped us keep one another accountable. 
I'm also not a huge fan of the word resolution, and this year I'm setting intentions instead. 
At the end of the day, goals, resolutions, and intentions all boil down to our daily habits. 

How do you try and make each day the best you can?
Not everyday is rainbows and unicorns but I always remind myself at the end of each day (especially the not-so-great days) that I'm doing the best I can. The not-so-great days are usually the ones when I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done. 

I've come to realize that the best days for me are the ones where I've taken some time out for self-care. It doesn't have to be a full day at the spa, but the little everyday things like enjoying my coffee in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up makes all the difference. 

How do you face challenges that have you re- thinking your plans? Do you have an experience you can share?
Challenges are inevitable and in times of challenge its easy to want to throw in the towel. It's also easy to keep these challenges bottled up, because we don't want people to know we may perhaps be struggling or want to burden anyone with our struggles. However, keeping our challenges within only makes it harder to get through them. This is why during challenging times I usually confide in friends and family. Often times I know the answer within but sometimes just venting to a friend gives me the reassurance I need and helps me get back on track with my plans. For example, I was having a difficult time with a business decision recently and after talking it through with a friend, I felt much more confident about my decision. 

How do you keep yourself positive/ 'style the inside' in your daily life?
I'm a very positive person, and when I catch myself in negative thoughts I usually get over them pretty fast. However, I wasn't always this way. For years I struggled with negativity, worry, self-doubt, insecurities and anger. I tried to obtain happiness from outside sources like having a hot body and expensive clothing, but this only resulted in feelings of not enough. Once I began doing the inner work to feel good on the inside, my mindset drastically changed. 

Styling the Inside of my life is a daily practice. Self-care, exercise, spending time with friends and family, giving back, writing, and expressing gratitude are all ways in which I style the inside of my life. 

What tips/ advice would you offer to ladies heading into the new year to help them live with purpose/ work towards goals?
My advice is simple: begin within. Ask yourself 'is what I working towards aligned with top core values?'. If it does, then it's probably worth working towards, and if not then it's time to re-evaluate. 

A big thank you to Jamie for taking the time to share! Learn more about her and how she's "creating a life that feels good on the inside" on her blog, Styling the Inside. You can also find her on social media:  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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