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Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Mail Days with Wee Nation {Review}

I love good mail days. Who doesn’t?  Especially when it’s a box loaded full of goodies for your little one. Ari loves checking the mail and when something arrives for her she gets so excited. When this box from Wee Nation was dropped off she couldn’t wait to open it (taking photos for this post was challenging- I could barely shoot the photos before she tucked into the Love Child snacks!).

Started by two Moms, Wee Nation offers subscription boxes full of Canadian- made items for little ones. They offer month- to- month, 3- month, and 6- month plans curated based on your child's age. Choose from Newborn (0- 3 m), Big Baby (4- 12m), and Toddler (1- 2 yrs) boxes; as they grow, you can update your profile to receive boxes tailored for their age. These boxes make great gifts or order them for your own little ones to make for some pretty cute (and exciting!) mail days for them to look forward to. 

Here's what was included in the Toddler box we received:

Jax & Lennon Co Beanie
This beanie is made from a bamboo French terry fabric, making it not only super soft and cute, but Earth friendly. Ari doesn't always like wearing hats, but with this one being so soft and comfortable, I got her to wear it no problem. And let’s face it, you can never have enough cute hats for your little ones!

Jayde the Jaybird by Brandee Buble
This is a sweet book by local Vancouver author Brandee Bublee, who has penned several other great children's titles.  Little readers meet Jayde and follow her as she learns a lesson in finding her courage. I was so excited to see this book when we opened our box and it's become a story time favourite. This would be a great read for elementary school- age kids to learn about the importance of courage.

Love Child Organics Love Ducks
This is one of my favourite brands, offering up high- quality and organic products for little ones (I had to take this photo first because Ari couldn't wait to dig in!). Love Child Organics is based in Squamish with a variety of nutritious options for babies, toddlers, and young children (their pouches are another favourite in our house). These Love Ducks are also gluten- free which get bonus points from me!

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes
Whether you're wiping faces or changing diapers, it's good to know what's coming in contact with your child's skin. These wipes are free from harsh chemicals and are eco- friendly. I love...

Just Imagine CD by Will Stroet
As seen on 'CBC Kids', Will Stroet is a popular children's entertainer with fun and upbeat songs. I'll catch myself singing his songs when I'm doing things around the house and it makes me smile- I grew up listening to Fred Penner and Will Stroet reminds me of the music I loved when I was little. Favourite songs: 'Mama Samba', 'Colour It', and 'Dive in the Pool'.

The ladies behind Wee Nation have done a great job bringing together top- quality brands and products. I love that the items they include are all from right here in Canada and that they're supporting many small businesses in the process. I loved the selection we received in our box and felt they made great choices that were age- appropriate (you can tell they're Moms!). I really don't know who was more excited- me or Ari- when we got to open the box, and with the exception of the Love Ducks which got consumed immediately, everything will get used and enjoyed for a long time to come. This is a great way to discover Canadian companies and try out products you may not have heard of. And while I was familiar with everything that was included in our box since I've worn the Mom hat for a little while, I think this would be such a sweet gift for a new or expecting Mom who's navigating this territory for the first time. The value for what you receive is great and having it shipped right to your door is something I'm always a fan of. 

If you'd like to try out Wee Nation for yourself or place an order as a gift, enjoy 10% off with promo code PB10.

Thanks to the lovely ladies behind Wee Nation for our box- you spoiled us and we loved it all!

Visit the Wee Nation website to see all of their options & to order.

You can also find them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | PinterestTwitter

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