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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vision Board Night at Thrive Studio

Have you ever asked yourself what do I want in life and really reflected on it? How do we know where we're going if we haven't picked a destination? I've known about vision boards for some time and that they're a tool to help us focus on achieving our goals; I loved the idea of making one, but there was always an excuse why I didn't have the time. I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason and a few weeks ago an email appeared in my inbox from the lovely Jessica from North Shore Mama inviting a group of ladies to a Vision Board night at THRIVE Studio. It was an amazing experience and one I'm grateful for. There's something very therapeutic about reflecting inwards and expressing ourselves creatively, allowing ourselves to focus on ourselves and what we want. The process to me was just as important as the outcome and I hope it's an experience you'll make time for. Surrounded by good company, good food, and in a place where we felt safe and comfortable opening up about ourselves, our vision boards came together. I'm sharing about my experience below, hoping you'll make some time for yourself to do the same.

We started the evening by going through some exercises of self- reflection guided by the owner of THRIVE Studio, Jamie Smith. These helped guide us as we prepared to make our vision boards.

Once we'd put our pencils to paper, we examined what we had written and began searching through magazines for pictures and words that we wanted to use.

It's a fun process, and you end up with a pile of paper that you then piece together on your vision board like a puzzle, moving everything around until it's where you like it. Not everything will fit, so it's interesting to see what you leave out and what you really want to include

The hardest part was gluing everything once it was arranged on the paper without messing up where it had been placed- as I said, like a puzzle!

The final step was to trim the edges and reflect on the final product. This was a really interesting part of the evening and Jamie encouraged us to share about some of the things we had included. 

The final part of the process is to choose a location to place your vision board where it will be seen often, with the idea being that it becomes a tool for visualizations which help bring our goals to the forefront of our minds, helping us to reach out for opportunities that guide us towards achieving those goals (I put mine on the wall above my desk).

This was a great experience, one that I'll reflect on for some time. Jamie really helped make it even more meaningful than if I'd done this myself at home. Her guidance and encouragement informed some of the choices I made while making my vision board and she got me thinking about things in a different way than if I had done this alone. She helped me be candid and honest with myself which in turn made this an even more meaningful exercise. How we think about things can have such an impact on our lives and having something visual to motivate and encourage us can be an important part of chasing our dreams. Surround yourself with positive and clear your mind of 'can't'.

If you'd like to attend one of Jamie's workshops at THRIVE Studio, see the links below for more info. Her workshops would be perfect for a girl's night out or work party as something fun and different, with the added bonus of self- improvement. A big thank you to Jamie for hosting our group of ladies for such a wonderful night and to Jessica from North Shore Mama for the invitation. This experience will hold a special place in my heart. 

About Jamie & Thrive Studio
Jamie Smith is a mixed media artist who lives in Vancouver, BC. She creates pieces using photos to explore nostalgia and memories, encouraging open interpretation from her audience. In addition to her own art, Jamie opens up her studio in Mount Pleasant for a variety of artistic events each month. She is also the organizer of an annual art walk in Mount Pleasant called ROVE that takes place each May, and invites 8 galleries and artist studios to open their doors to the Main Street community. Visit www.jamiesmithstudio.com to view her work.

THRIVE Studio is an art studio where female artists can meet, connect, and learn from one another. THRIVE hosts monthly events for this community to come together, create, and learn. Events include collage nights, Mastermind, (a business guidance group), and THRIVE TALKS, which showcases successful women in the arts where they share their personal journey and practical advice and guidance with others. Speakers have included artist Zoe Pawlack, curator of Pennylane Shen, art consultant Ariel Grue Lee, illustrator Ola Volo, and artist Rebecca Chaperon. 

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