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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Decisions, Decisions: Fall Beauty Top Picks with Shoppers Drug Mart

How do you change up your beauty routine for Fall? Do you opt for darker lips and go a shade darker with your hair? Or do you have staples that carry you through the year mixed with a few seasonal items? I’m a little from Column A and a little from Column B- I have some trusted go- tos that I use all year, but love switching up some products for different seasons (think bright pinks and corals for Spring and Summer and moody blues, purples, and greys for Fall & Winter). Shoppers Drug Mart has released their Top Picks for Fall that includes top sellinfavourites, new finds (who doesn’t love finding a new product to love???), and some hidden gems to share with shoppers and I’m excited to share a few of my top picks for the season that I brought home from their recent #SDMTopPicks event (some lucky shopper will win a $5,000 dream vanity just for shopping at the event- lucky lady!). 

Shoppers Drug Mart has been a favourite place of mine to stock up on my personal essentials for a long time and coming home with a bag of goodies to try for my Fall beauty routine has me pretty excited. After spending plenty of time in the Summer sun, my skin and hair are ready for some TLC in the Fall and I’ve got 2 new products to try just for this purpose: this leave- in conditioner from Schwarzkopf to help repair and hydrate my brunette locks and these Revitalift brightening peel pads from L’Oreal Paris to help exfoliate and refresh my skin for the cool weather ahead that tends to dry my skin out (did you know exfoliating is actually really good if you have dry skin? It helps remove the dry/ dead skin cells to bring the healthy skin to the surface). 

I’m also planning on continuing my workout routine that I started in the Summer and even though the weather will be cooler, I still want to stay feeling fresh before, during, and after a workout. Thank you to Dove for being my go- to when it comes to anti- perspirant.  I’ve tried countless products but Dove always seems to work the best for me and their Go Fresh Cool Essentials line is a personal favourite. I also love the light cucumber scent- it’s not too overpowering but perfect when you’re concerned about odour protection (especially after a workout!). I was happy when I saw this made Shoppers list for Top Picks for Fall because even if it isn’t the most glamorous part of your beauty routine, it’s definitely an important one!  

Aside from these 3 products I’m including in my Fall beauty routine, lips, hair, and nails tend to be the other things I switch up and there are so many ways have fun with your look. I prefer natural- looking makeup, but love trying out different lip colours for a pop of drama and taking my hair a shade darker once the beach days are behind usFall also usually has me going from bright colours on my nails to darker, more dramatic shades. As a Mom, I like to keep things fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy trying out different looks! Switching up your beauty routine can be a lot of fun and there are so many options available at Shoppers the hard part will be narrowing down your choices! 

For some fun ideas to switch up your beauty routine for Fall, check out all of the Shoppers Top Picks for Fall and enjoy stocking up with them this season. Added bonus: when you purchase any of the items from their Top Picks List before October 7th, you’ll receive bonus Shoppers Optimum points! Perfect to help you load up on points for all your beauty needs! What’s on your beauty shopping list this Fall? 

Products Shown in this post: 
From the Shoppers Top Picks List for Fall: 
Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Omega Repair 11 in 1 Leave in Conditioner 

Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials Cucumber Scent Anti- Perspirant 
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Peel Pads 
Other fun ideas to switch up your look for Fall: 
Quo Colour Spectrum Refillable Lip Gloss in Pinky Promise 
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in HD Infatuation  
Essie Nail Laquier in Bobbing for Baubles 

To see the complete list of the #SDMTopPicks for Fall, click here. 

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Facebook:Shoppers Drug Mart 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks but the opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TPB Fitness Series: Why Moms Should Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

In the past few months I have upped my fitness game, and I have Irina from Tone Every Zone to thank for helping inspire me to finally stop making excuses and actually get on it. I'll be the first to admit that I don't always fit a workout in and when I do I'm aware that there are so many other things that need doing. But this is what I'm starting to accept: so what??? I haven't felt this good in years and it's made me feel better mentally and physically. Taking a few minutes when I have the chance might not sound like much, but it has made a difference. And I'm excited to be back in the pool after years away, swimming laps and remembering how good it feels when you make time for your health. Plus after a week or two, it really becomes easier to make it a part of your routine.

This fitness series with Irina has been a project I've enjoyed and I hope you've found it helpful as well. For her last post in this 6- part series, Irina is sharing about how a fitness trainer can help you make time for exercise and the benefits of working with one. And before you finish the thought 'it's not in the budget', it's surprisingly more affordable than you might think and if you need that little extra help and motivation to keep you on track, isn't it worth it? I think of it as investing in yourself and really, isn't that what you're doing? Thanks Irina for this amazing series, it's been a good one; one that's impacted more than I could have anticipated.
See below for Irina's final post.

Out of all the clients I see on a regular basis, moms resonate with me the most. They are one of the groups who is the most motivated to succeed but often fall short of their goals. As a mom I totally get it: kids, house chores, meal prep and that never ending pile of laundry, all make it so that fitness is last on the to-do list. A personal trainer can't take the chores away, but here are some of the ways in which we can help!

You do personalized workouts that get you results faster

Doing random exercises in the hope they give you results will take you nowhere fast, not to mention they will get you extremely frustrated. To get results you need to work at the right intensity and do the right exercises in the right order. A few sessions with a trainer will ensure that you do just that as we will select the routine and intensity that will give you the most bang for your buck while taking into account your goals. Personalized workouts are the best way to go!

You avoid injury

When you are exercising incorrectly you are just setting yourself up to get injured. And that totally sucks. Personal trainers don't just sit around and count reps. We show you proper technique, we correct your form and we also modify an exercise if we see you struggling with it. You don't get that from YouTube or even a class at the gym.

You have the support and motivation you need to succeed

When it comes to exercising, I often found the hardest part was getting my butt off the couch. Scheduling your sessions with a trainer ensures that you show up and actually do your workouts! You also have a shoulder to lean on now - your trainer will listen and encourage you to keep going even during those moments when it's easier to quit. Moral support is incredibly important throughout your fitness journey.

You rely on expert knowledge

Your trainer is the ultimate knowledge source when it comes to fitness so go ahead and ask them your burning questions! I looove to teach my clients about fitness, explain why we are doing certain exercises and share my insights with them because ultimately I want them to take control of their own fitness.

The workouts come to you

Getting out of the house to hit the gym or a class is completely overrated - and super time consuming. When you factor in the time needed to get there, changing and showering afterwards your 1hr workout turns into 2hrs. A busy mom ain't got time for that!

So why not get the gym to come to you? Hiring a mobile personal trainer will help you save time, as well as money on gym memberships and gas. You are working your butt off out in the privacy of your home - how awesome is that? As a bonus, you no longer need to smell someone else’s body odour either!

The punchline

If you haven’t considered hiring a personal trainer - why not? They are fitness experts who can help you reach your fitness goals faster, share their knowledge, help you get the most out of your training and some (like myself!) even come to you, helping you save time and money!

Don't miss the other posts by Irina in this fitness series!

About Irina

Irina discovered fitness by accident after becoming a mom and started Tone Every Zone out of an overwhelming desire to help other busy individuals such as moms juggle a hectic lifestyle while staying active. Irina loves teaching people about fitness and working with them as a team to make long lasting lifestyle changes.

To get in touch with Irina about her personal training services please email her at irina@toneeveryzone.ca, or get in touch through her website. You can also follow Irina on social media for more great fitness education tips:

About Tone Every Zone

Tone Every Zone is a mobile personal training company servicing New Westminster, as well as parts of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Surrey. Tone Every Zone comes to you, saving you the cost of gym memberships, and eliminating the need to adhere to a schedule set by a commercial gym. To learn more, please visit: www.toneeveryzone.ca

Thank you to these partners for collaborating on this post series:

Photographer: Catherine Hilcove Photography Facebook | Instagram

Workout Apparel:
Underables Shown in this post: GROCERIES workout tee & leggings (worn by Irina)

LNBF Shown in this post: Melissa Light Active Hoodie & Suri Leggings (worn by Katherine)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Faux Fur Stool DIY

Who else agrees- Pinterest is a dangerous place?! I'm always coming across project ideas I want to try and today's post is 100% inspired by some pins I've come across of faux fur stools. Call me a girly girl but I think these fluffy accents are a cute/ fun addition to a room. I'd love to pair mine with a pretty vintage chair or vanity- what do you think??? I found a set of vintage stool legs and knew they'd be perfect for this project and I opted to not sand/ re- stain them but I updated the metal details and hardware with some gold spray paint for a touch of glam. This project did take a little while, so I'd give yourself and hour or two, but the results are worth the effort! Also be warned- working with faux fur can be a little messy, so be prepared to find bits of it everywhere after you're finished! ;) Now who's ready for some crafty fun?!

- faux fur 
- upholstery foam (available at fabric/ craft stores)
- wood cut to size for seat base (I made mine 1' * 1')
- legs (great for a repurposing project or find new)
- spray paint
- scrap fabric to line the underside (optional)

Additional supplies/ tools:
- glue gun
- nail gun
- drill
- scissors
- saw
- painter's tape
- measuring tape


1. If you're like me and are repurposing pieces or just want to add some metallic detail, tape off the part you don't want painted and spray paint everything- I also painted the hardware to match. Set aside to dry.

2. Cut your piece of wood to the size you want- I cut mine 1' * 1', followed by cutting the upholstery foam to size. I used 3 layers of 1" foam to get the size of cushion I wanted; you can make yours larger/ smaller based on preference, just make sure you have enough faux fur to wrap around it.

3. This step is optional, but I glued the first layer of foam to the wood base to help hold it in place while I secured the faux fur. This is up to you, but I found it really helped.

4. Cut your faux fur to size. I also cut a piece of scrap velvet to 1' * 1' to line the underside of the wood base so the bottom looked finished as well. For the faux fur, make sure you have enough to wrap all sides with 1- 2" extra on all sides to secure it to the base. For mine I used a piece that was 14" * 14".

5. If you're going to line the underside of the stool base, use a glue gun to secure it. Make sure it's glued down well on the edges. Stack your upholstery foam on top of the base and flip it upside down on the backside of the faux fur (make sure it's centred!). Now for the tricky part: For the corners, trim the corners of the fur away  (see photo), so that when you fold the fur down, the edges/ seams overlap by approx 1/4"- 1/2" (any more and the corners will be bulky). Use the glue gun to glue the pieces together, making sure the raw edges are tucked in (I pinched the seams together for a tight/ clean seam). If you prefer, you can also secure with a needle and thread.

6. When all sides and corners are glued, use a staple gun to secure the fur to the wood base. I put a staple in each corner and in the middle of each side. 

7. When your legs and hardware are dry, screw them onto the base. I measured in 1/4" from the edges based on the hardware I had. If you lined the underside of your base with fabric, make sure it doesn't wrinkle/ pucker as you drill in the screws.

8. Brush off any dust/ fur trimmings etc and...