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Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Fell in Love With a Truck!... {Review}

Will and I have driven Ford vehicles for years. Between the 2 of us we've owned 4 since we've been driving and have joked that our driveway looks like a mini Ford dealership. The first vehicle I bought and paid off was a Ford Ranger and the day I sold it to buy my current vehicle- a Ford Escape- was a little heartbreaking. When we decided to jump at the chance to preemptively buy a more family- friendly vehicle, I had to say bye- bye to my baby. I loved that little truck, and have never given up on the idea that I might own another one again...

And then I got the chance to test out an F- 150 this Summer. I literally jumped for joy (see Instagram for that photo). I got to try it out for daily use (how much room for car seats and all our stuff? how difficult would it be to park?) and drive it to beautiful Bowen Island for a girls weekend getaway (how much stuff could we pack into this thing?!). I'm not usually the one to offer to drive, but this baby practically purred and it was such a pleasure to drive I was excited to get behind the wheel as much as I could.

For all of you that follow the blog on Instagram and saw my blog post about my girls weekend getaway, you have probably seen photos of the F- 150 I got to enjoy driving for a week. Ford Canada trusted me with this beauty to use and abuse for 7 days and it was really hard to give it back. Really. Seriously. Hard. We've discussed what our next vehicle will be if we decide to have a 3rd kid and/ or want to buy something that will suit our lifestyle as our kids get older- think camping, hunting, road tripping, etc- and this was a great chance to see if an F- 150 would suit our needs. Our Escape is great, but we know that we would eventually like a bigger vehicle and we both love the idea of an F- 150.

Having the chance to drive this truck for a week gave me enough time to get comfortable driving it and testing out all the features. At first I was a little nervous driving such a big vehicle, but within minutes of driving it I felt right at home. This truck was a bit of an ego- boost for me- I loved driving it and it was such a smooth, quiet ride. Sitting up high is a fun way to drive and it makes parking easy- you can see all around the vehicle, and if you need it, there is back- up assistance. This had been another thing I was curious about and while I think it takes a bit of practice, this truck wasn't so challenging to park that I had to take up 2 stalls (at least not after a few tries! ;) ). I prefer to back into a stall and the benefit of a truck is you can see the back end when you reverse, so I was more comfortable parking this way. And of course, for those of you who prefer, you can use the back up assist for extra help. See below for photos and vehicle features!

What I loved:

The fuel economy(!!!)
This was one of my big questions I had about moving up to a truck: what would it be like on gas? And I was really impressed with the answer I got. I expected to have to fill it up after only a few days of driving (I've heard horror stories about how some trucks are on gas) but I didn't have to until I returned it after 7 days of driving, including a 120 km round- trip drive to Bowen Island. And the low- tank indicator hadn't even come on yet. Thank you Ford for the 3.5L EcoBoost engine!

The comfort
This baby was spacious! Whether it was us with the kids, or the 5 gals heading to Bowen, there was always plenty of room to spare. And the seats were so comfortable. Ford has really thought of everything when it comes to driving in comfort and it didn't hurt that this truck was gorgeous inside and out (the twin panel moon roof made for some beautiful Summer driving). When I would get in and push- start the engine, the driver's seat would slide into my preferred position and we were off! 

Everything else
It's hard to narrow down everything I loved about this truck, because I really loved it all- from grille to tailgate- and it was such a pleasure to drive. The other things I appreciated were the touch screen that managed everything from my phone, music, GPS, and back- up assistance, (the list goes on), the heated/ cooled leather seats that were as comfortable as recliners to sit in, and the spacious cab and box- you can fold up the rear seats for extra room or store items under them, which is great for families looking for a practical option. This truck also had manners- when you opened the doors, the side rails would automatically come out so you could step up into the cab, and would automatically withdraw when the door closed. I know this is a novel thing to mention, but I appreciated features like this- especially with two little ones to pack in and out!

When the time comes to buy another vehicle, an F- 150 is definitely at the top of our list and this experience helped us see what owning a truck like this would be like and answered our questions regarding things like fuel economy, space, and features we would appreciate in our next vehicle. Whether for function or pleasure, there's a reason F- 150s are such a popular choice. For more vehicle features that come standard on the Ford F- 150 Limited, see below.

Standard Features on the Ford F- 150 Limited

Pro Trailer Backup Assist with Hook- Up Light
Simply turn a knob to indicate how much you need to turn the trailer and the system will steer the truck to turn the traler to the desired amount
8" LCD Productivity Screen
All the information you need right in front of you including furl usage and towing data with a customizable home screen
Seasonal Comfort
Stay comfortable no matter what time of the year with heated/ cooled front seats, dual- zone electronic automatic temperature control, and a heated steering wheel
Safety First
Collision warning with brake control if sensors detect a potential collision with the car ahead of you. Adaptive cruise control detects traffic slowing and decelerates in response using sensors in the grille
Seeing is Believing
Class exclusive 360 degree camera with split- view display stitches images together from 4 cameras (in the grille and tailgate, and under each side mirror) so you can see all sides of the truck
Voice- Activated Sync 3
Make a call with the push of a button and the sound of your voice
Voice- Activated Navigation System
Hands- free, voice activated technology helps you find your destination while keeping your hands on the wheel
Blind Spot Information System
Sensors detect traffic in driver's blind spot and provides a visual warning 
Power & Efficiency
3.5L Ecoboost engine delivers 6% higher city and 11% higher highway fuel efficiency over previous model for an efficient and durable driving experience
Reverse Sensing System
Provides audible alerts to help you avoid obstacles while backing up
Twin Panel Moonroof
Extends over the front and back seat to allow for beautiful overhead views and fresh air with the push of a button
Fully Flat Load Floor
Flip up the rear seats in SuperCrew models for extra space 

A big thank you to Ford Canada for giving me the chance to drive this beautiful truck! 

For more information about Ford and their current vehicle line up, visit the Ford Canada website and find them on social media:
Facebook: Ford Canada
Twitter: @FordCanada
Instagram: @fordcanada