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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keeping Organized In Style with Victoria Senges

How's everyone doing getting back into the school routine? Even though Ari isn't in school yet, the Fall always marks a change in routine as new activities start up and we look for fun ideas for things to do inside. And I know September can get a little crazy as parents ramp up with school and activities- I have to write everything down to make sure I keep organized, and we don't even have field trips and bake sales to keep track of yet! (hello Mom brain!).

I'm old fashioned and still prefer to use a day planner and a calendar to stay organized and have used a giant poster- sized one for years so I have lots of room to write everything down. It did the trick, but it wasn't a thing of beauty. Purely functional. And then this beauty came along! This month, Victoria Senges has launched a beautiful 16- month calendar- just in time for the new school year!- and I'm loving that she created one that's big enough for everything I need to write down and that it's got a clean and simple look. It does the job and it's  pretty too! No matter what your decorating style, this calendar will be a stylish addition to keep you organized. It works great both to hang (like I do) or to use as a flat desk calendar. She's also included a side column so there's room to write notes and extra info you don't want to forget. If you need a way to keep everything organized in one place, this beautiful calendar is perfect! Check out this beauty below and don't miss the PROMO CODE at the end!!!

Want one for your home? Shop the 16 month calendar hereUse promo code PAMPEREDBABY15 to get 15% off when you order one between September 13- 20, 2016!

Calendar Features:
Perfect to hang on walls or as a desk calendar
16 months: September 2016- December 2017
Large spaces for each day to write event/ appointment info, etc
Side column for notes
Beautiful monochromatic design to suit any decor style
Dimensions: 12" * 15"
Includes important Canadian & US holidays and observances

To see all the other beautiful products available, visit Victoria's website & check her out on social media:

Instagram: @victoriasenges
Facebook: Victoria Senges Design Co.
Pinterest: Victoria Senges