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Thursday, September 8, 2016

#PlayTestShare Fun & Games with Raincoast Books {+Giveaway}

It's that time of year when we start to spend more time inside and have to get creative with keeping the kids busy. It's not always easy (is it ever???) keeping them entertained when the weather isn't so great and everyone is getting restless. Who else can relate? Crafts, reading, games, and puzzles are some of our favourite indoor activities and I try to have a variety on hand to keep Ari occupied on days when we're stuck inside. 

I had the pleasure of working with Raincoast Books earlier this year (see here, here, and here for other posts with them) and they have organized a great line- up of fun books & activities to make the cooler months when we get cozy inside a little more entertaining. I'm sharing about 2 of their games/ activities from their most recent #PlayTestShare collection plus get to give a lucky reader 2 games/ activities of their choice (see below to enter!). Check out the 2 we got to try and get some fun ideas to keep your kids entertained this Fall! 

Herve Tullet's Zazazoom! A Game of Imagination 
This 3- in- 1 open- ended game helps kids improve memory skills and use their imaginations. One part matching, one part dominoes, and one part memory, take your pick based on your child's interests and abilities with Matching Game, Road Builder,  and  Pattern Grower. This popular children's author (titles include Press Here, Mix It Up, and Let's Play!) has created a fun set of games that encourage creativity and constructive thinking.

I love that you can pick the game(s) suited to your child's interests and how each one encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity a little differently. We're big fans of Herve Tulle in our house (see this post) and this set of games is perfect to accompany his books. I like that each game posed a different challenge and Ari and her friends really had fun playing them (I think Road Builder was the biggest hit). 

Punch Out & Play Book
Loaded with 10 puzzles and 13 classic games including Memory, Go Fish, and Dominoes, this book is full of fun for kids of all ages. With art and designs by Laura Ljungkvist, the book comes with punch- out envelopes to easily store all of the games and puzzles your kids punch out.

This book is loaded with activities and kids will probably want to help punch out all the pieces (the 3 girls definitely did!). I've seen ideas on Pinterest for busy bags and this book reminded me of them- simple ideas to keep kids entertained with the added bonus of them using their brains at the same time. This would be perfect to bring on a plane if you travel with your kids and need to keep them entertained for a long period of time, or pack a few of the envelopes in the car on days when you run errands with the kids. With 23 games and puzzles, you can switch up the selection at home and in the car so your kids don't get bored playing with the same one all the time. 

To see all of the games/ activities included in Raincoast Books most recent #PlayTestShare selection, click here. And for more ways to enter, visit my friend Tamara's post on her blog Discovering Parenthood! Click here to see her #PlayTestShare post with Raincoast Books.

Want to have some fun indoors this Fall? Enter below for your chance to win any 2 of the 9 games/ activities from the most recent #PlayTestShare selection!