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Thursday, October 13, 2016

#GivingBackisSexy: The Dare to Dream Soiree

We live at a time when we are surrounded constantly with information that can influence us and have an impact on how we feel- and let's face it, this isn't always a good thing. How many times do we see something on social media or another media outlet that takes us from feeling great to, well, pretty crappy. And it's challenging enough as an adult to process everything and keep it in context, but for kids this is even harder and it can have a big impact on how they view themselves.

Body image is something boys and girls alike both face and exposure to images in magazines and other media can have a profound impact on how they see themselves- including things like weight and body shape. Helping them develop a strong sense of self and ability to be aware of the influence of media can help, and there is a growing effort to bring attention to this important issue.

The Dare to Dream Soiree is coming up on November 22nd, a fundraising event to benefit Raw Beauty Talks' new "Free To Be Program", with a goal to empower girls & boys to reach their full potential through a variety of efforts including building positive body images and strength against social pressures.

The evening will include:
- networking
- appies
- live performances
- 3 fashion shows (Nicole Bridger, Rimpy Sahota, & Savoie)

... all to help raise funds and awareness for the Free To Be Program. The goal is to raise $3,000  and tickets are available now for the event, so go find your favourite party dress & pair of heels and get ready to have a great time for a good cause! See below for details and visit the Dare to Dream Facebook page  for more (plus see below on how to WIN your ticket!).

Event Details:
When: Wednesday, November 22 at 6pm
Where: Imperial Theatre Vancouver
Tickets: $35

Use code KATD2D5OFF to receive $10 off your ticket price.