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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Keep Them Smiling: 7 Tips for Brushing Kid's Teeth {Review + Giveaway}

October is National Dental Hygiene month according to the American Dental Hygienist's Association which means it's a great time to brush up (no pun intended!!!) on how to help your kids keep their teeth clean and healthy (can I also point out how ironic this is with Halloween at the end of the month, but I guess also good timing since there might be a lot of sugar kicking around our houses in a few weeks?). 

Brushing teeth is an important part of our daily routine, even if the kids aren't always the biggest fans! I've teamed up with Eggie Baby to share some tips to help making tooth brushing easier, better, and more fun, plus I'm sharing about their wheat straw kid's toothbrushes and have a little something fun to go with today's post: I've got a $75 shop credit up for grabs over on Instagram from them! (Scroll to the end of the post for contest details) But first...

We've been trying out the toothbrushes from Eggie Baby when it's time to clean the kid's teeth and while Liam is still a little squirmy (why I don't have any photos of him here!), Ari is pretty good about sitting still while we brush her teeth. She also usually likes to have a turn after us, so she was perfect to help share about Eggie Baby's toothbrushes made just for kids.

With little hands, it's always great when you can find a toothbrush that's easy to hold- especially for those kids who want to do everything, including brushing their teeth- all by themselves. Not only are these toothbrushes the perfect size for kids, they have a non- slip grip that makes them easy to hold onto. I also like that there's no rough/ square edges and that the bristles are tapered, to avoid hurting little mouths. 

Made out of wheat straw (which is still ok for kids with gluten sensitivities as wheat protein isn't present in the straw), these toothbrushes are biodegradable, making them an eco- friendly alternative to the more common plastic options. If you struggle with brushing your kid's teeth, the handle is in the shape of a cute giraffe, which might be just enough to distract a squirmy little one while you brush their teeth; it could also help interest them in this daily routine by making it a little more fun (sometimes these little details are what make the difference, amiright mamas?!). Available in 3 colours, each of your kids can have their own and know which one is theirs. Now the trick is making sure they brush everyday! And to make that easier, see below for some tips from Eggie Baby. Smile on my friends!

7 Tips for Brushing Kid's Teeth

1. Get your kids interested in daily dental hygiene. Even if it's not their favourite thing to do (and let's face it, for most kids it isn't!), make it more fun by choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste they like and will want to use.
Source: Oral B

2. Did you know you're supposed to replace your toothbrushes every 3 months? That's a lot of toothbrushes going into landfills! Try choosing an eco- friendly, biodegradable toothbrush to help lessen the environmental impact (even if it seems like a small thing, think about how many toothbrushes get thrown out regularly).
Source: About News

3. Brush children's teeth in the morning and at bedtime. Once they've turned 3 start using a pea- sized amount of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush to help against tooth decay (I've heard mixed information regarding using fluoride toothpaste, so I'll leave that up to you based on what you think is best)
Source: HealthLinkBC

4. Teach your kids the "2 for 2" rule around the time they turn 3: brushing twice a day for two minutes each time they brush their teeth. If they don't like brushing their teeth, try turning this into a game to make brushing their teeth more fun. If they like to brush their teeth on their own, teach them some good techniques for brushing such as using gentle circles (this helps avoid hurting the gums), and brushing from front to back to help them clean every surface of every tooth.
Source: aboutkidshealth

5. You can transfer bacteria that causes cavities through saliva, so avoid sharing toothbrushes and things like cutlery with your children. 
Source: HealthLinkBC

6. Kids who develop cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to develop them as adults. Visit the dentist to help keep your child's teeth clean from an early age and especially once their adult teeth start to come in. 
Source: Colgate

7. If your baby doesn't like having their teeth brushed and tends to squirm, give them their own toothbrush to hold so they feel more in control while you brush their teeth. If they seem interested, let them try on their own with some help from you so that brushing their teeth is a more fun experience. Look for toothbrushes with an anti- slip coating or grip to help make them easier for little hands to hold.
Source: Baby Centre

Product Features:
- biodegradable & eco- friendly: the handle is made from wheat straw
-non- toxic, non- allergenic and gluten free (the wheat straw doesn't store protein, gluten, or allergens)
- premium soft tapered bristles make brushing more effective by cleaning those hard to reach areas
- gentle on little mouths with a smooth curved brush head with no sharp edges
- recommended for ages 3+
- available in 3 colours: green, blue & pink

And now about that giveaway...!

Want to make brushing teeth & teething a little easier for your kids? Head over to the blog's Instagram page and enter to win a $75 shop credit from Eggie Baby plus one of their giraffe toothbrushes in your choice of colour! (This contest is open to Canada and US residents)

Eggie Baby offers a variety of teething products ranging from the toothbrushes featured in today's post to teethers and teething bibs (coming soon!). To view the full selection available, visit their website.

You can also find them on social media:
Facebook: Eggie
Instagram: @eggie_bb
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