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Thursday, October 27, 2016

You're Built for this Baby!

This year, I have tried to make fitness more a part of my weekly routine and yoga has become a big part of my efforts. I've recently been going beyond my at- home practice and going to different classes and trying out new poses. About a month ago I heard about Built For This Baby, a pre and postpartum wellness program launching this Fall that incorporates yoga and holistic nutrition to help women prepare for birth and to help them recover after. Even though Liam is a year and a half, I learnt from the founder, Georgia, that it goes beyond the baby and toddler years when it comes to our body's recovery: the six years after giving birth pose an interesting challenge to our health and bodies as we focus on others and generally have less time (and sleep!) to care for our own needs. 

I had never thought about a timeline after having kids for our minds and bodies to re- settle, to return (somewhat) to their pre- baby selves; I always thought it was something we did in our own good time. But of course, we never completely return to our pre- baby bodies or minds, we're forever changed, but making sure that change is healthy and that we don't forget to look out for our own health and well- being is key, both physically and mentally. And let's face it, it's a phase in life when we have very little time and energy to do so (who else has asked themselves: do I eat or do I sleep?). So when I had the chance to attend Georgia's program I was curious to hear what suggestions she had for those years (not just months) post- pregnancy for us ladies to fit in to our daily routines to help us keep our energy up, our minds at peace, and our bodies feeling good. 

We enjoyed a few hours sipping herbal tea, learning simple yoga poses, hearing sleeping tips from Rock A Baby Guru, learning about our unique nutritional needs post- baby (have you heard of adrenal fatigue? Google it, I bet you'll be able to relate), how we can find time- even just a few minutes- for self care in this busy phase of life, and enjoying some nutrition- packed smoothies and lunch from The Juice Truck. I came away feeling more relaxed and informed on easy ways to keep tabs on my health and energy. It can sometimes sound like one more thing on the to- do list to take care of ourselves when there's so much else that needs doing, but simply making sure we grab a quick, healthy snack while we race out the door can make a difference (think a handful of nuts instead of a drive- through item). I know I've made excuses in the past, and I'm trying to remember that small choices, small changes, can all lead to a big difference overall. 

If you're curious about the Built For This Baby program, you'll find more details below and on their website. You can also find more information on their Facebook page

Thank you Georgia for such a wonderful time and best of luck as you launch this wonderful new program!

About Built For this Baby

Built For This Baby (B4TB) is a mindset and a movement created to empower women all over the world to feel confident about their birthing stories, pre and post experience. The movement is intended to start and foster healthy global conversations about inherent wisdom in birthing. B4TB encompasses a web-series program where women globally can learn together about intuitive birthing online.  B4TB will launch, “Yoga For Your Belly™”, plant-based nutrition for pregnancy and postpartum, lead by Georgia Morley in the fall of 2016.

  • The B4TB program will launch its first pillar, Yoga For Your Belly™, in fall 2016.

  • The pre-recorded Yoga For Your belly ™ video will be 1.5 hours long.  The session provides valuable assets in nutritional coaching for plant based pregnancy and postpartum and is available for download direct from the B4TB website.  Assets include:  The Yoga For Your Belly™ plant-based pregnancy/postpartum  recipe e-book, a guided workbook, and valuable printable protocols and practices to easily implement into everyday life.

  • The Yoga For Your Belly™ app for iOS offers plant based recipes, nutritional tips for pregnancy and postpartum, equivalent Kent lists and grocery list making capabilities for optimal-proactive nutrition. The app will be available on IOS for $3.99.  The app will launch new bundles bi-annually.

  • Under the B4TB umbrella, Georgia Morley will also be launching a cookbook Nov. 2017 titled, Yoga for Your Belly™. This cookbook features recipes and lifestyle guidance for effortless nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • In 2017 additional video sessions will be available for purchase to B4TB participants:
·       The Birth Map: vision, and intention work for pregnancy and postpartum
·       You Are A Maven Warrior: winning at career and motherhood with balanced hormones and an exuberant sense of self.

 About Georgia Morley, Founder of Built For This Baby

Georgia Morley is a Certified Doula, Holistic Nutritionist/classically trained Chef and Registered Yoga Instructor. She has been involved in projects such as the very successful Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver and has worked as a private consult nutritionist/chef to the likes of Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks Hockey) and Chip Wilson (Founder of Lululemon). Her years of knowledge as a holistic nutritionist and chef offer new and important ways to eat during pregnancy, holistically and with intention; eliminating struggles with anemia, diabetes and preeclampsia to name a few. Her work as a yoga instructor is what brings the triumvirate of food, body and heart to one crossroad.

Georgia’s journey into empowering women with their birthing experiences came from her own experience of childbirth. While on one hand she felt very out of control and without choice, on the other she had never felt more powerful in her life. She recalls that for a few brief moments while birthing her son, she saw and felt a connection to that which is most tenacious, loving, trusting and courageous - that which was completely within her. She has subsequently committed herself to supporting women everywhere to help them feel ready to birth their babies and to choose differently, without judgment of themselves.  

Through B4TB, Georgia aims to reshape the conversation about birthing away from how painful it was, but instead to how empowered they felt and how it changed their lives – not just because they became a mother but also because it allowed them to better connect with themselves, as women.