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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Easy Wreath DIY

Who's decked their halls already? I think I'm still in denial that it's mid December already and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away (!?!?!). But that doesn't mean you have to stop adding to the festive atmosphere. When I decorate for Christmas I always seem to keep adding. I'll think I'm finished and then find something else that I can't resist adding to the festive decor. I'm a big kid when it comes to this time of year and I love the smell of having a fresh tree in the house. The next best thing is having fresh greens or a wreath to bring that amazing smell into your home or to great guests when they arrive for your holiday party. They are so beautiful and surprisingly easy to make. (Tip: you can also lie a wreath flat for a pretty low- lying centrepiece for Christmas dinner). This just might be the best- smelling DIY you'll ever make. ;)

Fresh greens
Ivy, red berries, and any other fresh embellishments you'd like
Small branches or a wire wreath frame
Floral wire

1. If you're using a pre- made frame you can skip this step. Begin by laying out the branches to form a  circle the size you'd like. 

2. Use twine or floral wire to tie together the branches.

3. Start adding your fresh greens and secure to the frame/ branches

4. Go around the whole frame until it's full; trim away any excess to get the shape you desire

5. Add in other decoration such as ivy, berries, etc to get the look you want

6. Finish off with some pretty ribbon & loop a piece at the top to hang the wreath

7. Adjust the ribbon length so the wreath will hang where you want it on the door

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