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Hello! I'm Katherine, the lady behind TPB. Mom of 2 & wife to my love, Will living on the beautiful West coast of BC. 

My goal for The Pampered Baby is to create a place for us to talk about all aspects of life; the good, the crazy, and everything in between, and have some FUN while we're at it. Share some laughs and tears together. I hope when you read the posts you feel like you're talking to a close friend- someone you can be yourself with and share things with without fear of judgement.

One of the biggest challenges we seem to face is trying to find balance. Life can be one helluva ride and I hope to build a community in which we support each other.  

I hope to make this a fun place, featuring posts on a variety of topics from the fun and creative to the honest and heartfelt when life gets a little crazy. I want to make this somewhere you come to unwind and enjoy yourself- somewhere to get ideas of things to do, places to go, and some tasty eats/ sips along the way. Here you'll find recipes, fashion & home articles, event info, and so much more, with features/ reviews & giveaways with some of the amazing brands I get the chance to work with. A little side note: Most of the recipes I share on the blog reflect our family's dietary restrictions- my daughter & husband are gluten/ dairy- free- and I try to share ideas that I've tried & our family has liked, as these restrictions pose some tough challenges when it comes to meal options. 

I also want to share ideas on how to live healthy, fulfilled lives. You don't have to be rich to enjoy life and I hope to give you some ideas on how to live life to fullest and funnest. 
It's my hope that we can grow together and find some balance between everything we've got going on and enjoy this life we've got to live. So grab a glass of wine and kick your feet up! I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and I hope you  have as much fun hanging out here as I do.


Headshot Photo Credit: Images by Bethany